Ways to make money from Facebook


Even though Facebook is one of the more established social media platforms, it’s still a fantastic area to make money.

How to get money off your Facebook Page

Can money be made from Facebook Pages?

There is potential in dependable Facebook, even if you are asking how to make money on Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. On Zuck’s first social media platform, you may still earn 100 percent, and as a content producer, it’s a legitimate route for both your wallet and your audience. The audience is there—Facebook logs more than four billion video views per day!


Should I make money on Facebook?

If you want to monetise your Facebook Page, make sure it’s worthwhile. That is, do you have a large enough audience to justify it? Because the barrier to entry is higher than on other social media platforms, Facebook monetization is something you’ll need to work for rather than something you can start right away.

Your other social media channels are an excellent place to start. Do you have an active, passionate audience across multiple media, or does one in particular stand out? Given that Instagram is owned by the same parent corporation as Facebook, Meta, it’s worth looking out the buzz and engagement on your account.

How do you determine whether you qualify for monetization?

It’s very simple to see if you can make money from your Facebook page. You only need to follow a few easy steps and meet the eligibility requirements. How? Read on!

Go to the Facebook Creator Studio, where you can upload content and monitor the success of your videos. Keep in mind that Creator Studio also functions as an Instagram tool, so if you have experience using Instagram, you may already be familiar with it.

Go to the right-hand column on the Home Page and select “Monetization” from the list. From there, you can look at the “Overview” section to find out which kind of monetization you approve of.


Verify your information is accurate before clicking “Set up Monetization.” Then you sit back and watch the money come in after receiving a confirmation email from Facebook for Creators.

How many fans and views are required to earn money on Facebook?

The methods to start making money on Facebook are simple to implement, but getting there can be more difficult. Here are the many tools needed for monetization, the requirements you must meet, and what they can achieve for your Page.

Stream Advertisements

Because it’s the biggest, certification for it is the most difficult to obtain. You must: in order to obtain adverts before, during, and after your Facebook videos (for which you will be compensated!).

Rather than a personal profile, create a Facebook page. The admin of the Page is also you.

Meet the Partner Monetization Policies on Facebook.

Have at least five videos that are all current and are each longer than one minute.

A minimum of 600,000 minutes of views over the last 60 days are also required. Yeah, 600,000. After that, we had to take a seat as well.

Three of your minimum five videos and at least 60,000 of those minutes must have originated from Live broadcasts in order for Live videos to be monetised.

Possess at least 10,000 fans.

Collabs Manager for Brands

This gives you an identity and is much more attainable than in-stream advertisements. You and your channel will appear more real if you collaborate with a company that complements your content. This is fantastic! You must: in order to be compensated for creating content in association with brands.

Just like for in-stream adverts, have a Facebook Page. The administrator of the Page is you.

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The Partner Monetization and Branded Content Policies on Facebook.

possess a minimum of 1,000 followers.

possessing at least one of the following within the previous 60 days: 180,000 minutes of viewing time, 15,000 post engagements, or 30,000 one-minute views of videos that are three minutes long.

Once you hit these requirements, you can access the Brand Collabs Manager. Here, brands search for creators they feel are best-suited to their campaigns. Hopefully, that’s you!


It makes sense to use a subscription model if you have a loyal following. This entails paying a monthly fee in exchange for access to exclusive material; it’s a beautiful way for fans to support their favorite creators. You will get the full subscription amount, less any applicable taxes, if they subscribe on a desktop. You receive 70% if they join up using an Android or iOS device, with the remaining 30% going to the mobile carrier. To join in on the fun, you must:

Have a Facebook page that you are the administrator of.
Meet Apple’s App Store Subscription Guidelines as well as Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy and Fan Funding Creator Terms.
Have more than 250 repeat visitors or at least 10,000 followers.
50,000 post engagements, or

Have either 50,000 post engagements or 180,000 minutes watched in the last 60 days. A Page in an eligible country, such as the US, UK, Germany, or India. If you’re not in an eligible country, then Subscription activation is invite-only.


Other ways to monetize your Facebook page

You might be given the option to use Facebook Stars if you’re a large dog creator. Similar to Instagram Badges, Facebook Live users can purchase Stars to give to you during streams in exchange for a modest payment; each Star costs money.

The same cannot be said with Bonuses or Stars, though. High-traffic authors can earn money through bonuses if they reach predetermined milestones; this is nothing to be concerned about when first starting out.

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You can also create Paid Online Events, which don’t require a minimum number of followers as long as you satisfy Facebook’s terms and conditions for Paid Online Events and Partner Monetization. However, you’re in a difficult situation right now.

Look into affiliate marketing as well. Essentially, this is a referral scheme provided by online retailers like Clickbank and Amazon Associates. They’ll provide you with a promotional code or affiliate link, which you may then use in your material. You will receive a portion of the proceeds if users click the links or use the codes to make purchases; normally, this is between 10 and 20 percent.

Facebook monetization is more difficult than it first appears, but if your audience is active and expanding across many platforms, it’s worth the effort.

Do you know of any other worthwhile investments? calmness of mind! You don’t need to stress about complicated rights, licensing, or royalties for any music you might utilize when creating your fantastic content. Let’s look after