Age, net worth, and biography of comedian Yanbaba


biography of comedian Yanbaba

Yanbaba, also known as Odogwu Boo Boo or Chijioke Yanbae Igwendu, is a young Nigerian comedian. He is a well-known social media comedian and content producer known for his clever, funny, and educational comedy sketches on various social media platforms.

Yanbaba excels at creating humorous skits, and his jokes are not only amusing but also instructive and illuminating.

Early Years

As at the time this article is being published, details regarding the comedian’s age, upbringing, and family history are unclear.



Yanbaba graduated from the University of Abuja’s Business Administration program.

His comedic routines have been performed since he was a college student. He received support from his buddies and fellow pupils. He formally began performing skits and posting them on social media in 2017. Over time, his page gained a lot of attention after going viral. His humor focuses on current social, political, and economic challenges in the nation.

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One of the rising talents from Nigeria, Yanbaba, provides a moment of humorous relief for the people throughout the crisis the country is experiencing. He is gifted, and he has developed greatly over time.

He performs at events put on by his industry peers after receiving notice from other comedians in the nation.

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Individual Life

On November 21st, 2021, in front of tens of thousands of spectators, the comedian got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend and on-screen co-star Queen Francis, also known as Aisha. When they began making skits together, the two were already dating. Currently, the couple is expecting their first child. Yanbaba’s official YouTube channel is Odogwu and Aisha, and their Instagram account is @yanbaba1.


An estimate of Yanbaba’s net worth puts it at $50,000. He is having an impact on Nigeria’s entertainment sector.