Age, Height, Bio, Boyfriend, and Movies for Valerie Lepelch


Age, Height, Bio, Boyfriend, and Movies for Valerie Lepelch

Valerie Lepelch is a brilliant content creator, TikTok diva, and quickly-rising social media star from the United States. She is best known for her parodies of well-known songs and memes. Her personal testimonies were published on her “Elongatedmusk” TikTok account.

Bio of  Valerie Lepelch

Valerie, the social media princess, was born in the US on January 23, 2001. She will turn 22 in 2022, which is current year, 2023. The rising celebrity, who is of French and Peruvian origin, enjoys keeping her family’s history private.

Career and Boyfriend of Valerie Lepelch

After starting her YouTube channel in 2017, Valerie developed a following that grew to over 1.11 million followers by the end of September 2021. She mostly posts daily blogs, hilarious YouTube videos and comments, POV videos, and makeup lessons on her channel.


More than 4.5K people have watched her 2018 debut YouTube video, “Vans warped tour 2018 VLOG”. The most watched video on Valerie’s channel on YouTube is “pov your gang of gamer pals finally do a face reveal.”

more than 12 Million views were obtained.

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Because to her witty and innovative posts, Valerie has a sizable following on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. More than 9.4 million people follow her on TikTok under the name @elongatedmusk, and over 1.85 million people subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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The Social Media Diva has maintained an appropriate level of separation between her personal and professional lives.

Networth of Valerie Lepelch

The estimated net worth of Valerie is $2 million.