Life Story & Wealth of Lil Frosh


Life Story & Wealth of Lil Frosh

Existence of numerous up-and-coming artists is no longer news. One of these incredible up-and-coming artists is Sanni Goriola Wasiu, a.k.a. “Lil Frosh.” Many of his admirers have also repeatedly branded him as “Eru Iku Makanaki.”

The 22-year-old Nigerian Afro hip-hop rapper is an Aloma Music Worldwide signee. On the streets of Lagos, he spent his entire life. Thanks to his Instagram Rap Freestyle Skit, this musician has built a sizable following on both Instagram and YouTube. His rise to fame in the music industry was largely attributed to his Instagram skits. Along with “Zinoleesky,” a childhood friend, Lil Frosh posted a number of music videos on Instagram. Most of these videos portrayed the trials and struggles of a normal Nigerian from a middle or low birthplace.

Additionally, he was well-known for creating musical parodies about “Yahoo!” Lil frosh released a music video called “Firi Yahoo” on Instagram in January 2019, and it quickly gained popularity. includes well-known musicians like Kiss Daniel and Small Doctor. The song was so well-liked that a remix with Small Doctor was released in April 2019 as a result.


Lil Frosh is not currently married or in a relationship that is public knowledge.


being a child

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Sanni Goriola Wasiu was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, on June 13, 1998. Lil Frosh, also known as Sanni Goriola, was raised in Agege’s streets. He received his primary and secondary schooling from this location. Really scant information is available about Lil Frosh’s earliest years. However, based on our views, Lil Frosh had an extremely difficult life, as seen by the Instagram skits he posted just before becoming famous.

These musical sketches discussed the difficulties people had when walking the streets of Lagos, and it is obvious that Lil Frosh was familiar with these difficulties. Additionally, the street language he consistently utilized in these skits indicated that he was raised in a ghetto environment.

Lil Frosh has expressed interest in a music career far back when he was a student in secondary school. The amazing up-and-coming artist revealed that he and his best friend, who is now known as “Zinoleesky,” used to often perform freestyle raps for amusement. Even today, Lil Fresh still raps in his native Yoruba language, which was significantly infused into the majority of his raps.

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Agege, in the state of Lagos, served as Lil Frosh’s elementary and secondary education location. He went to Agege’s Boys Secondary School. Here, along with a few other nameless students, he and his childhood friend “Zinoleesky” started their musical careers. Lil Frosh’s attendance at secondary school is documented, but there is no evidence that he attended a tertiary institution.

Describe Lil Frosh’s

Social media has made it possible to identify talents and provide people the chance to pursue their goals, particularly those in the entertainment business. In fact, Lil Frosh’s official music career was influenced by Instagram. As was already mentioned, Lil frosh and a pal started posting freestyle raps to Instagram right after finishing high school. This prominent music skit ensemble on Instagram with the handle “The Street Alte” was well-known on the key social media platforms. They didn’t even need a record label to spread the word about their freestyle raps because of this.

After Kiss Daniel enjoyed one of Lil Frosh’s freestyle skits and began following him on Instagram, Lil Frosh was further motivated to pursue music as a career. Not long later, he published a freestyle act on Instagram that led to the slang term “Soito Folio Firi Yahoo” being attached to him. Because so many people enjoyed this particular freestyle act, in April 2019 he released another music video on Firi Yahoo with Small doctor, a well-known musician.

But now the question is: How did Lil Frosh develop into a well-known musician who was signed to a record label?

Shortly after posting freestyle raps on Firi Yahoo, Lil Frosh created another music sketch using the moniker “Davido,” which caught the attention of Davido, a well-known musician also known by the stage name “O.B.O.” On October 26, 2019, Davido made a public announcement via his Twitter account that he has signed Lil Frosh to the DMW/AMW record label. Lil Frosh’s official musical adventure got underway at that point. Lil Frosh has released a handful of singles since signing on, and he has received numerous accolades and nominations both nationally and internationally. Please take note that the DMW label no longer represents Lil Frosh.

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Career Advancements

Prior to receiving official recognition as a musician in 2019, he gained notoriety through his Instagram video skits with “The Street Alte.” As was already noted, he gained a lot of fans on social media thanks to his freestyles, which mainly dealt with the theme of Yahoo and his extremely well-known slang “Soito Folio Firi Yahoo.” Shortly after releasing the well-known tune “Firi Yahoo” with Small Doctor, Lil Frosh followed it up with the single ” Davido.” Many people were drawn to this song, including well-known artist Davido, who signed him to the AMW/DMW record company in October.

Lil Frosh released “Fifty 50,” his debut song on a record label, around the end of the year (2019). His most well-known single from a release is still regarded as this song.

Other songs, like “Who Knows” with Zinoleesky and “Ko le re Body” with Mayorkun, have been hailed as major blockbusters in the entertainment sector.

Lil Frosh’s Best Times

Lil Frosh released a ton of records in 2019 and 2020, quickly establishing himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment sector.

He was quickly recognizable on Instagram thanks to his “Soito Folio Firi Yahoo” lingo. Also recognizing him was the well-known musician Davido. The well-known performer signed him to the DMW/AMW record company in the month of October. Lil Frosh released his most well-known song, “50 fifty,” in December of the same year (2019), to widespread acclaim.


most well-known works

Lil Frosh has had a fantastic career thus far in the Nigerian Afro-hip hop scene. He gained a lot of fans on social media after his freestyle skit on Instagram and YouTube gained him recognition on both a national and worldwide level.

Although this budding star hasn’t yet put out an album or an EP, take note. The artist’s whole catalog of singles from the last year, including those on which he appeared alone or with other musicians, is included below;

Small Doctor and Firi Yahoo in Lil Frosh Songs 2019

2019, Soke.

Gurumaraji, 2019.

Omotola featuring Zinoleesky in 2019.

Year 2019 Davido

Kagadaffi featuring Zlattan, 2019.

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Thick Talk in 2019.


2019, Apple.

2019, Fame.

2019, Fifty 50.

Carry Your Baka in 2019.

Year 2019 Selense

2019, Eru (Designer) (Designer).

Small Work, Big Money in 2019.

2020, Money.

Kole Re Body with Mayorkun, released in 2020.

Kibobe 2020.

Thick Talk for 2020 (freestyle).

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Lil Frosh has made 18 total entries into the “Artiste Top 40 Chart” (Afro hip hop) in the past calendar year. He entered both the Kenya Artists Top 40 Chart and the Nigeria Artists Top 40 Chart.

This is meant to demonstrate that even if the young artist hasn’t yet won any prestigious prizes. He has already received official recognition both locally and internationally. There can be little doubt that this talented young artist will get a number of accolades and honors in the near future.

Interesting Statistics

It should be noted that Lil Frosh’s current net worth is not officially listed anywhere. But following a number of observations, it was determined that the present young artist’s net worth in 2020 will be about $20,000.

In addition, Lil Frosh has reportedly severed his relationship with A.M.W. (Aloma Music Worldwide), which happens to be controlled by Davido’s personal assistant. He has stated that only D.M.W. (Davido Music Worldwide) will now handle his record deals.