Simple steps to move your website to Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting.

Do you want to switch to Ezoic’s free WordPress hosting from your current host? If yes, following the instructions in this guide will help you move your website to Ezoic’s free WordPress hosting. This method worked great, and I’d welcome your feedback in the comments section. I used it to move one of my sites … Read more

How to Use Mozilla Firefox’s Smooth Scrolling in the Top 3 Ways

Mozilla Firefox's Smooth Scrolling

A website with a lot of material and outdated hardware generally performs slowly. But, smooth scrolling and other browser-specific characteristics make it tolerable. Although it is also accessible in Mozilla Firefox, this function is already widely used in Google Chrome. This post will demonstrate how to make Firefox scroll smoothly. If you don’t think Firefox’s … Read more

How to Turn On Dark Mode in OneNote on Any Device

While using any gadget, Dark Mode is believed to safeguard your eyes. Although we’re not sure how accurate that statement is medically, it improves the browsing experience. Here’s how to enable OneNote Dark Mode for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS apps, if you’re a fan of Dark Mode and OneNote is your go-to program. OneNote, … Read more

Comparison between OnePlus Buds Pro 2 and AirPods Pro 2

OnePlus Buds, AirPods Pro 2

Comparison between OnePlus Buds Pro 2 and AirPods Pro 2 As Apple removed the headphone jack, TWS earbuds quickly became commonplace. Surprisingly, smartphone manufacturers jumped on the TWS bandwagon swiftly, with some companies even copying the design of the AirPods, whereas heritage audio brands like Sennheiser took their time to release their wire-free headphones. In … Read more

Best AI Content Detector Tools in 2023

AI Content

AI Content The most effective methods available at this time can reliably identify content created by AI, including ChatGPT-generated content. Presently, the market is flooded with AI tools that can produce content, and new additions are being made every day. And while it’s okay to use AI tools for assistance—in fact, it might be preferable … Read more

How to Improve iPhone’s Slow Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search

How to Improve iPhone’s Slow Spotlight Search Changes that will put search back in the limelight Because it gives us instant access to the apps and material on our iPhones, Spotlight Search is a favorite among users. Think about how annoyed you would be if Spotlight Search took 5–10 seconds to return results. Hey, because … Read more

Using ChatGPT on an Apple Watch


Using ChatGPT on an Apple Watch Instantly communicate with the OpenAI chatbot from your Apple Watch. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that ChatGPT is on fire. Everyone was in awe of the platform’s rapid user growth—100 million users in just two months. Nevertheless, if you want seamless access to the AI chatbot on … Read more

How to Clear Bing AI Chat Search History

Bing AI Chat

How to Clear Bing AI Chat Search History When speaking with Bing, don’t worry about your search history because you can easily clear it. The number of visitors visiting the search engine has significantly increased thanks to Bing AI. But, brand-new users that come upon the search engine frequently worry about their privacy. The search … Read more

How to Utilize Breakout Rooms in Zoom and Enable Them

Utilize Breakout Rooms

How to Utilize Breakout Rooms in Zoom and Enable Them Comprehensive instructions for educators and trainers on how to organize online breakout sessions and give participants group projects in a Zoom meeting. When the epidemic hit, a lot of organizations, including schools, online tutoring programs, and even businesses, have switched to Zoom meetings and calls. … Read more