5 Best Android Apps for Writing Quotes on Pictures


5 Best Android Apps for Writing Quotes on Pictures

I enjoy reading meaningful quotations on the prints participated over the social media. Whether I scroll through Twitter or Instagram feeds, I’m bound to stumble upon them. So you noticed I did n’t mention Facebook. That’s because I do n’t use it frequently. Recent reports state that over 50 million Facebook accounts got compromised due to a security excrescence, and that made me cautious of the social network.


Websites like 9gag and imgur carry a massive dump of prints with quotations and funny dispatches. Who makes them? And how do they do it so snappily? Smartphones have made it incredibly easy to add quotations to the filmland. So if you want to partake similar images with your studies written over them, we will help you do that using select apps for Android phones.

So let’s check them out.

1. Phonto

Phonto is a simple but important app that allows you to add a quotation to an image with a nifty set of controls. There are over 200 sources to choose from, and you can upload your sources too.


Once you have named fountain and compartmented your quotation, you can change the size, position, and color of the fountain fluently. You can also dress up your images the way you want using allowed bubbles andbadges.However, you can reduce the fountain size and acclimate the angle to place it meetly, If the quotation is rather long. You can change line and letter distance and add color to the background with the valve of a button.

The app is free to use and contains advertisements which can be removed by making an in- app purchase.

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2. Textgram

While Phonto is userful for adding textbook and customizing sources, it falls short in some areas. This is where Textgram comes by. You can produce graffiti and use a ton of pollutants, frames, and stickers to embellish a print.

There are also plenitude of editable shapes and objects to choose from. Depending on the image, you can elect the bone that suits the overall communication you intend to deliver. Of course, the app packets usual features like changing sources and its size.

Textgram is a freemium app that comes with advertisements and a store where you can buy further stickers, backgrounds, and sources.

3. PixelLab

PixelLab is a accessible app to add and edit quotations to filmland. There’s support for regular textbook, and also there’s support for the 3D textbook. There are also tons of goods like shadow, stroke, and mask. The app comes with limited but popular templates that you have presumably seen your musketeers use every now and also.

You can add stickers, shapes, and arrows to punctuate or draw attention to particular corridor of the picture or quotation. What’s better than an arrow?Drawing.However, you can fluently use the draw point to get creative with your fritters, If you enjoy an Android phone with a large screen.

The app also includes some fresh features like discrepancy, tinge, achromatism, and brilliance settings that are generally set up in image editing apps. And retired deep in the settings is a list of readymade quotations in English and French language. There are relatively a many orders to choose from and it’s meant for one of those days when you’re looking for alleviation.

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The interface might feel a little busy or complicated originally, but you’ll snappily get the hang of it. PixelLab is free to use and comes with advertisements that can be removed with an in- app purchase.

4. Geulgram

Geulgram differs from the below apps since it comes with a social media feed. You can write textbook on a picture from your Gallery or use a simple multicolored background. When you’re done, add it to your feed for fellow Geulgram druggies to see. This is a good way to inspire and get inspired and see what others are doing with the app.

Tap Writing On Beautiful print to elect one of the preloaded nature- inspired prints to add your quotation. There’s a crop tool with a erected- in preset for Instagram. Once you’re done customizing the image with the fountain, color, and shapes, you can also add the date and your hand. Cool, eh?

also, you can blur or apply a shadow effect to the quoted textbook once you have named your favorite fountain type and size.

The interface is neat and easy to use. Geulgram is free but contains advertisements, and there’s no way to remove them.

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5. Designs 1

Designs 1 or New Designs( they keep changing their name) is one of the most popular textbook editing apps on the Play Store. There are numerous background designs to choose from orders similar as sports, players, creatures, carnivals, and abstract. Are you a football addict? They got your reverse.

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Once you elect a background or your own image, you can begin adding and customizing your textbook using different sources, stickers, and frames. There’s a delineation tool you can use to draw on top of images.

You can anticipate some of the image editing features like tinge, achromatism, nebulosity, and RGB to be present. There are about 20 preset goods that you can apply. suppose of them as pollutants similar as edge, photograph, blur, and so on.

Designs 1 is announcement- supported and comes with in- app purchases.