Grand M’s official biography and net worth


Grand M’s official biography and net worth

Mohamed Natoume, better known online as Grand M, is a comedian from Mali. He is renowned for his little size and distinctive eye roll. One of the reasons people adore this comic is that he makes people laugh effortlessly.


Grand M regularly posts funny videos and images of himself on social media because it is an automatic requirement for his job. On Instagram, he has approximately 4 million followers under the handle @grand m officiel.

Everything You Need to Know About Grand M’s Biography

Developing and Learning

Natoume was born on December 15th, 2000 in Bamako, Mali’s capital. He is a pygmy, and because of his very little stature, he was more likely to be bullied as a child, making his life unpleasant. Although coming from a poor household, his parents made sure he had a good education. He attended college in Bamako.


How the Grand M Career Began

Natoume was bullied and made fun of growing up, but he never let that impair his self-esteem and always made himself and people around him laugh.

His career began when he began creating amusing looks, which always made those around him laugh excessively. His followers began to capture images of him and create memes from them.

His memes quickly became popular on other social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp, as thousands of users all around the world began to share them.

Natoume seized the chance to advance his career; he began making and uploading humorous videos to Instagram, which quickly gained popularity and a large following. For simple laughs, people adore him and the content he produces. He has a distinctive eye roll that makes people laugh in his videos and about him.

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On social media and in the entertainment industry at large, he has carved out a unique and unexplored niche for himself. He has rapidly developed into one of West Africa’s and Mali’s most popular social media comedians.

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Significant Successes

Many of English-speaking people throughout the world have been won over by Grand M humor despite the fact that he only speaks French.

He has inked endorsement contracts with numerous companies, including the beverage producer Firdaws and the maker of the Uber Energy Drink, Ika Foods.

Fascinating Facts

Networth of Grand M
This Malian comedian’s actual net worth is unclear, but estimates place it in the $100,000–$500,000 range.

Further Fascinating Facts

He chose the name “Grand M” because, in French, “Grand” means “big.” He wanted to convey to the world that, despite his diminutive stature, everything about him, including his personality, is big. Of course, “M” stands for the letter that begins his first name, Mohamed.