Age, passing, wealth, husband, and biography of Ada Jesus


Age, passing, wealth, husband, and biography of Ada Jesus

Mercy M. M. E. Obi Nnadi, better known as Ada Jesus, was a well-known actress and comedian from Nigeria. In her social media sites, she is well recognized for sharing comedic skits.

Ada Jesus’s life story

On April 19, 1998, Mercy Mmesoma Obi was born in Orlu, Imo, Nigeria. The third child of her parents was Ada Jesus.
She was an Imo State University student in Owerri.

She wed Kingsley Nnadi on April 5, 2019, and the couple welcomed their daughter on December 6, 2019.


Before becoming famous, Ada Jesus led a typical Nigerian lifestyle. Before her career as a stand-up comedian took off, she was a housekeeper. She rose to stardom in 2018 after she began sharing humorous Igbo language videos on Facebook and Instagram. When other people began to follow her and share her videos, she swiftly rose to fame.

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Ada Jesus’s dying or illness

Ada Jesus was crippled and in a wheelchair when she was diagnosed with chronic kidney illness in the late 2020s.

Her illness was the subject of multiple disputes because she had previously accused Pastor Odumeje, the founder of the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, of performing false miracles alongside

Rita Edochie, an actress, is accused of setting up participants for the pastor’s fictitious miracles. Chi Marine Temple was also charged by Ada Jesus of impersonating a native physician. As her health declined, she implored the priest of the Chi Sea Temple, pastor Odumeje, and actress Rita Edochie for forgiveness. All of them finally forgave her.

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Ada Jesus had a cardiac arrest on April 20, 2021, and was rushed to Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre’s intensive care unit where she was stabilized before passing away the next morning. Her spouse, child, parents, and siblings all survived her.