Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program 2024 Fall Round For Postdoctoral Students 


The Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program stands as a critical bridge for postdoctoral students aiming to transition from academic research to impactful industrial innovations. This guide provides an in-depth look at the program set for the fall of 2024, offering insights into its structure, benefits, and how it aligns with both current industry needs and career advancement for postdoctoral researchers.


As Canada continues to prioritize innovation and development across various sectors, the Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program plays a pivotal role by supporting postdoctoral researchers who collaborate with industry leaders. This partnership not only fuels cutting-edge research but also equips researchers with essential skills and experiences to thrive in competitive environments.

Understanding the Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program

Founded with the objective of fostering innovation through research, the Mitacs Elevate program offers postdoctoral students opportunities to work on projects that provide tangible benefits to Canadian industries. The program emphasizes the integration of academic expertise with industry resources, thus promoting the commercialization of research and development.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Mitacs Elevate Fellowship, candidates must demonstrate a range of qualifications and competencies:

  • Educational Background: Possession of a PhD obtained within the last five years from a recognized academic institution.
  • Field of Study: Open to all disciplines, indicating the program’s interdisciplinary nature and its commitment to fostering innovation across diverse research areas.
  • Research Achievements: A robust track record of academic achievements such as publications, conference presentations, and patents relevant to their research field.
  • Practical Application: Demonstrated understanding of how the proposed research can address real-world industry challenges.
  • Leadership Skills: Evidence of the ability to undertake independent research projects and effectively lead collaborations.
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Application Process

The application process for the Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program includes several key steps:

  • Preliminary Proposal: Submission of an initial proposal that outlines the research project, its objectives, and its relevance to potential industry partners.
  • Review by Experts: Applications are evaluated by a panel of experts in academia and industry to ensure the proposed research meets the required standards of innovation and applicability.
  • Full Application Package: Development of a comprehensive application package if the initial proposal is accepted. This package includes:
    • Detailed research proposal
    • Comprehensive budget
    • Letters of support from academic and industry mentors
  • Professional Development Plan: The application must include a plan for the applicant’s personal and professional development, aligned with the program’s objectives.
  • Interview: Finalists are invited to an interview to present their research plans and demonstrate their potential as future leaders in their fields.

Funding and Financial Support

Fellows receive a competitive annual stipend of $60,000 CAD for a two-year period, along with additional funding of up to $20,000 per year to cover project-related expenses. This substantial support reflects the program’s commitment to ensuring that fellows have the resources needed to successfully conduct their research.

Research Opportunities and Training

The program not only funds research but also provides comprehensive training in leadership, communication, and management. These sessions are designed to prepare researchers for senior roles in their respective fields, making them well-rounded professionals equipped to handle the challenges of modern industries.

Mentorship and Development

Each fellow is paired with a mentor from within the industry, who provides guidance and insights pertinent to the fellow’s research area. This relationship is crucial for the professional development of the fellow and enhances the quality and impact of the research conducted.

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Program Duration and Commitments

The fellowship spans two years, during which fellows are expected to dedicate themselves fully to their research projects and participate in various professional development activities. This commitment is essential for maximizing the benefits of the program.

Application Deadlines and Important Dates

For the 2024 fall round, the application process begins in June with preliminary inquiries and closes in September for final submissions. Selected candidates are typically notified by December, with the fellowship commencing in the following year.

Challenges and Strategic Considerations

Applicants should be aware of the competitive nature of the program and the rigorous expectations for both the proposed research and the potential for industrial application. Strategic alignment with industry needs and clear communication of research goals are critical for success.


The Mitacs Elevate Fellowship Program offers an exceptional opportunity for postdoctoral students to enhance their research and career prospects through industry collaborations. With substantial funding, comprehensive training, and valuable mentorship, the program is an excellent pathway for postdoctoral researchers aiming to make a significant impact in their fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is eligible for the Mitacs Elevate Fellowship?

Postdoctoral researchers who have completed their PhD within the last five years from an accredited university are eligible to apply.

Q2: What kind of support does the fellowship provide?

The fellowship offers a stipend of $60,000 per year, plus up to $20,000 in research funds annually.

Q3: Can international students apply for the Mitacs Elevate Fellowship?

Yes, the program is open to international postdoctoral fellows currently residing in Canada.

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Q4: What are the key dates for the 2024 fall application round?

Applications open in June and close in September, with the program commencing the following year.

Q5: What is the duration of the fellowship?

The fellowship duration is two years, during which fellows are fully engaged in their research projects.