Mark Angel’s life story and wealth


Mark Angel’s life story and wealth

Known for his work on the “MarkAngelComedy” series on his YouTube channel, Mark Angel is a Nigerian video producer, comedian, and YouTuber. He frequently uses his niece Emmanuella Samuel in his videos, as well as his sister, Auntie Success, and other young comics. Mark is a talented artist who is proud to display his heritage and is aware of it. One of the key factors in his popularity is that he highlights his hometown of Port Harcourt in his films, which allows him to connect with his audience.

Mark Angel has a large following on Instagram and a number of subscribers on YouTube. His official Instagram handle is @markangelcomedy.

What You Should Know About the Life Story of Mark Angel

Learning and Upbringing.


On May 27, 1991, Mark Angel was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in the south of Nigeria. He was born and raised in the same state, where he also completed his elementary and secondary school.

He enrolled in Obafemi Awolowo University to pursue medicine after high school but regrettably dropped out for personal and family reasons. He afterwards traveled to India to study cinematography and spent time in Nigeria working as a theater and cinematographer.

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How Mark Angel Began His Career

In order to pursue a career in photography, Mark moved to Lagos in 2011. However, his professional journey began after only a brief period of photography. With a theatrical troupe called “Gingertainment,” he performed stage plays, notably comedies, for one of his cinematography jobs in India.

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After arriving in Nigeria, Mark and his friend Dennison Igwe entered the Nollywood industry and began working on several of the productions. They both produced a few movies, but regrettably they were forced to leave the business because Mark’s mother, an evangelical, was dissatisfied with the movies they made. Mark turned to working as a security guard to supplement his meager income after losing all other sources.

Dennison recommended that Mark launch a media company, and he did. Their audience was unimpressed by all of the early comedy routines they had created and uploaded on the internet. To maintain complete control over all of their work, Mark and Dennison made the decision to launch a production firm. The pair prepared for the production’s debut for almost a year, and in 2013 they finally established their business, “Mechanic Films.” The production company aimed to produce images and videos for skits and upload them on “YouTube.”

Many people were drawn to Mark’s work after watching the short film “Oga Landlord.” The actor that has been in Mark’s comedic skits the longest and most frequently is his niece, Emmanuella Samuel. The celebrated actor is the youngest “YouTube” award winner in Africa. While Emmanuella was on a family vacation, Mark became aware of her talent. She demonstrated her genius during an 18-hour video session that Mark staged to put his niece’s stamina to the test.

Mark has shown to be a superb humorous writer and develops screenplays for comedians in addition to producing video for his channel.

Significant Successes

The ‘MarkAngelComedy’ YouTube channel hit a million subscribers in 2017, making it the first Nigerian channel to do so. Although Mark has other social media accounts, “Instagram” is the most notable because of the 1.5 million followers his posts have attracted there.

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As a result of his success, Mark Angel has received numerous sponsorship deals, including one with 1xBet, a significant global sports betting site.

He has previously emceed a number of notable occasions. He has won various honors and been recognized for his work. Among the honors that Mark Angel has received are:

Africa’s Future Awards
The award for best comedy in Nigeria
Also, he received the YouTube Gold and Silver Play Buttons.

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Fascinating Facts

Mark Angel Networth

When he was a young guy trying to get into the entertainment world, Mark Angel had a long way to go. He now owns a successful comedy company and has amassed wealth and fame. His net worth is unknown because there is no reliable source, such as Forbes, to estimate it, but it is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Further Fascinating Facts

Mark Angel is not married and is currently single. It is unknown whether he is dating anyone. We advise our female readers who are intrigued in the comedic star to take their shots, but do so at your own risk.