New 2023 MTN mPulse Cheat Via EC Tunnel VPN


New 2023 MTN mPulse Cheat

Some time ago the mPulse data cheat was blazing veritably well but unfortunately, the cheat was kindly blocked and stopped working. But guess what guys, the MTN mPulse cheat is back again like it noway left! The mPulse cheat joins other working browsing cheats like Glo WTF 500 MB for 100 cheat, Airtel 500 MB for 100 cheat, MTN TikTok pack cheat, MTN HA Lair cheat, and numerous others.

One fascinating thing about the MTN mPulse data pack is that you get the stylish unstoppable data offer any network could offer. N150 awards you with a whopping1.2 GB of data valid for 30 days, and N50 gives you 350 MB valid for 7 days.

It should be worth noting that this pack was meant only for the MTN mPulse web and can not be used to download, sputter or stream vids. But with the EC Lair VPN, and the quick settings I’ll be showing you from it, you’ll be suitable to power all apps – or simply say, it’ll now work like the normal data you buy.


Let me reserve the other explanations about the mPulse pack for another day and snappily show you how to get and spark the MTN mPulse cheat.

What’s needed for the MTN mPulse cheat

  • An MTN SIM card
  • You must be on the MTN mPulse tariff plan. telephone * 344 * 1# or, textbook mPulse to 131 to join the plan
  • Airtime balance of either N50 or N150
  • EC Lair VPN( Download then)
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How to get and spark the MTN mPulse cheat to power all apps

  • To buy the mPulse data, telephone * 344 * 2 * 1# and buy your preferred pack
  • After subscribing, open the EC Lair VPN and do these little settings
  • At this point, make sure you have a little data to power the tweaks from the VPN
  • After streamlining the tweaks, now valve on the tweaks option. Scroll down and elect NG| MTN MPULSE Pack( STABLE)
  • Now valve on the big red power button and stay for the VPN to authenticate and connect
  • After connecting, minimize and browse as you like

Is MTN mPulse cheat still working

Yes. At the time of writing this composition, the mPulse MTN cheat is verified to be working veritably well.


That’s all for now on the mPulse data cheat. Have you tried cranking the cheat? Let’s hear your studies in the comment section.