How to Change Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp


How to Change Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the first app that pops into your mind when allowing about instant dispatches. Whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone, WhatsApp could fluently be one of the constantly- used apps. Of course, the WhatsApp tricks also make it easy and accessible.

still, it’s not perfect, especially when participating prints. You can try some workarounds to shoot prints in full resolution, but that involves fresh way. WhatsApp gives an option to change the print upload quality in the app. Then’s how you can change the setting on your phone.

What Is WhatsApp Photo Upload Quality

Whenever you shoot a print to someone on WhatsApp, some quantum of contraction takes place. You can estimate the contraction position by choosing the asked print upload quality.


still, you can choose to shoot high- quality images all the time, If you have a good internet connection. still, if you use mobile data, you may want to tone down the quality of prints to save bandwidth and shoot images briskly.

This option to set the dereliction print quality on WhatsApp is present on both the Android and iOS performances of the app.

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How to Change WhatsApp Photo Upload Quality on Android

still, then’s how you can change your print upload quality on WhatsApp, If you have an Android smartphone.

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Step 1 Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone. Tap on the three- fleck menu on the top-right corner of the app.

Step 2 Select Settings.

Step 3 Now, valve on Storage and data.

Step 4 The last section on the screen is ‘ Media upload quality. ’ The print upload quality is set to bus( recommended) by dereliction.

Step 5 Tap on print upload quality and choose the option applicable toyou.However, elect Stylish quality, if you always want to shoot high- qualityphotos.However, elect Data redeemer, If you have limited connectivity or a metered connection.

Step 6 Tap on OK.

still, you can leave the setting on bus, If you want your phone to automatically decide the quality of prints to shoot grounded on your internet connectivity. Note that this still does n’t insure that WhatsApp will partake your without losing quality. To shoot a full- resolution image, you can attach it as a document on Android.

How to Change WhatsApp Photo Upload Quality on iPhone

still, then’s how you can change the print upload quality setting, If use WhatsApp on an iPhone.

Step 1 Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Navigate to the Settings tab at the bottom- right of the screen.

Step 2 Tap on Storage and Data.

Step 3 elect the Media Upload Quality option at the bottom of the runner.

Step 4 bus( recommended) is the dereliction selection. Change the option to whatever you prefer. Stylish quality has the least quantum of contraction, but demands further bandwidth. Data redeemer is stylish for when you ’re low on data or in an area with weak connectivity.

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Now that you ’ve changed the image upload quality on WhatsApp, your prints will be transferred with minimum contraction. still, if you still want to shoot prints with no loss in quality, you can shoot them as lines. Then’s how you can do it.

How to shoot prints as lines on iPhone

Saving a print to the Files app and also transferring it via WhatsApp results in a much better quality of images.

Step 1 Open the picture you want to shoot in the prints app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on the Share icon on the bottom- left corner of the screen.

Step 3 elect the Save to Files option.

Step 4 Choose which brochure you want the image to be saved in.

Step 5 Tap on the Save button in the top-right corner.

Step 6 Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and navigate to the converse where you want to shoot the image.

Step 7 Tap on the ‘ ’ button next to the chatbox.

Step 8 Select Document.

Step 9 You’ll be taken to the Files app. Navigate to the brochure where you saved the print in the former way.

Step 10 elect the print you want to shoot. Tap on shoot in the top-right corner.

Your print will now be transferred in the stylish possible resolution. This is useful if you want to shoot high- resolution images like wallpapers or images that contain small textbook like scrutinized documents.

Shoot High- Quality prints on WhatsApp

You can now shoot prints with lower contraction on WhatsApp all the time. Of course, the prints will still not be of the original quality. You can shoot full- resolution prints with absolutely no contraction if you wish to shoot them as documents.