How to Improve iPhone’s Slow Spotlight Search


How to Improve iPhone’s Slow Spotlight Search

Changes that will put search back in the limelight

Because it gives us instant access to the apps and material on our iPhones, Spotlight Search is a favorite among users. Think about how annoyed you would be if Spotlight Search took 5–10 seconds to return results.

Hey, because you’re already here, I’m assuming you don’t need to fantasize. Do not worry if you are one of the many people who are experiencing this problem, especially after updating to iOS 16. We’re here to come to your aid. Certain phones appear to be affected by a flaw in iOS 16, according to reports. You can use the remedies listed below to remedy the slow spotlight search issue while you wait for Apple to patch the bug.


Start your iPhone again

Even though most people turn to this as their go-to fix when their iPhone has a problem, it’s possible that it slipped your memory. It would be a crime to ignore it, especially given how well it works.

You can either manually restart your iPhone or do a force restart; if you’re lucky, either one should work. When the “Slide to power off” screen appears, press the volume up/down and side buttons at the same time to restart your iPhone. After that, move the slider and watch for the phone to turn off entirely. Press the side button to turn it back on after you see the Apple logo. Check out Spotlight Search to see if it is any better.

0 iPhone updates

It’s recommended to upgrade your iPhone if there are any outstanding updates because it appears to be a bug that is behind all the commotion surrounding Spotlight Search. Bugs in earlier incarnations of software are frequently fixed via software updates.

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Go to “General” in the Settings app after it is open.Tap the “Software Update” tile after that.

Turn on the Spotlight Settings for Apps and Siri

Strangely, for many customers, the delayed Spotlight search was caused by the fact that several Siri and Spotlight settings were turned off for their apps. Hence, turning on every parameter should help you resolve the problem. This may seem like a counterintuitive workaround because activating it would need Siri to index more data before returning the results, yet for some strange reason or bug, it works.

Go to “Siri & Search” in the Settings app on your iPhone.

On the app name, tap

Toggle the “Show App in Search” and “Show Content in Search” options under the “When Searching” section to on. Also, switch on the “Display on Home Screen,” “Recommend App,” and “Suggest Notifications” toggles found in the Suggestions section. You should enable the settings the app does have since not all apps will have them.

This is where it will start to annoy you. For each app you deactivated the settings for, you must now enable them. Also, you might need to check the settings for each program since you might not recall the specific ones. These days, we have a lot of apps on our phones, therefore it will take some time.

But, some individuals find the alternative, which is our next fix, much worse: resetting all settings. Hence, you must decide which of two evils is worse for you; this is akin to being trapped between Scylla and Charybdis, isn’t it?

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Reset all settings, fourth

For most individuals, wiping their iPhone’s settings clean is the only option, however doing so will alleviate the slowness in the spotlight search, making it worthwhile.

With your iPhone, resetting the settings will restore all of the settings to their factory defaults without erasing any data. You’ll need to configure these settings again:

The network’s settings will be completely reset. Hence, unless you configured them using a profile, any saved networks or VPN settings would be deleted. Saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords will be deleted from all of your devices that share the same Apple ID if you use the iCloud keychain, not just your iPhone.We’ll clear the keyboard dictionary. Hence, any words you previously added to the keyboard dictionary will be deleted. When you reject the words that the iPhone suggests, new words are added to the keyboard vocabulary.

The layout of your home screen will be changed. You might wish to take screenshots so you can refer to them in the future if you want to return to the same arrangement.

The default settings for location and privacy will be applied.

Your Apple Pay cards will need to be configured anew.

There will also be changes to other settings, including those for Face ID, Control Center organization, iCloud and iMessage settings, alarms, etc.

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Before you reset your settings, you can backup your iPhone. You can restore the phone from the backup and get all your settings back if the fix doesn’t work.

Go to “General” in the Settings app now to reset the settings.Finally, select “Transfer or Reset iPhone” by scrolling down and tapping it.Click the “Reset” button.Follow the instructions on the screen after selecting “Reset All Settings” from the menu.

Spotlight Search ought should operate regularly once more

Slow spotlight searches can be really annoying. Apple should fix the issue in one of the upcoming updates. You can, however, take matters into your own hands if you are unable to wait for it.