Elvina Ibru: Biography, Wealth, Career, and More


Elvina Ibru: Biography, Wealth, Career, and More

View Elvina Ibru’s biography below to learn more about one of Nollywood’s best assets.


Identity: Elvina Ibru


Popular for her work as an actress, on-air personality, producer, and women’s rights activist

a May 22nd, 1972, birth.

Relationship status: Single

Active years: 2007 to the present

Twitter handle: @elvinaibru; Instagram handle: @elvinaibru

Elvina Ibru: Who is she?

Popular Nollywood actress Elvina Ibru is a strong advocate for women’s rights. She is also the daughter of the late Michael Ibru, a multibillionaire businessman who was born in the Delta.

Although she is a producer as well, she attributes her success to her outstanding acting, which she claims is a family trait. She is a mother of one and a vocal advocate for women’s rights in Nigeria and around the world.

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Elvina was raised in Lagos after being born there on May 22, 1972. She was given the moniker “baby” because she was her parents’ eleventh child. In Nigeria, she completed her primary schooling. Elvina recalled how, at the age of 6, she took her first steps onto the stage to perform a traditional dance. That provided the fuel her creative fires needed to burn.

She would later represent her primary school on TV programs like Kiddies Junction and Tales by Moonlight, which strengthened her ambition to pursue a career in performing. Whenever it was possible, her mother pushed her to enroll in acting classes, which all benefitted her during her formative years.

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She had a clear affinity for all things dramatic, even after moving to England. When she aced a test designed for 11-year-olds as an 8-year-old, her theater teacher took note of her, and she established a record in that Kent County school that has never been beaten. She studied drama at the London Academy of Performing Arts and graduated with a degree in it.

Due to familial pressure, she continued her studies at Webster University in London for a second degree in international relations. She never lost sight of her love for performing, though. She worked for the BBC as a voice actor for a written children’s show prior to earning her second degree.

BRUNA IBRU Career Advancement

Elvina returned to Nigeria and began working as an on-air personality for Classic FM, where she hosted the 9–12 PM show. Before she temporarily lost her voice, she was a talented singer who had some degree of success as a musician.

Through her part in “Vagina Monologues” in 2007, Elvina’s excellent acting and dramatic abilities gained attention on a global scale. The Eve Ensler-written piece debuted on a Nigerian stage in 2007 as a part of celebrations for International Women’s Day.

She embraced her role in the play like a duck to water because of her propensity to stand up for women’s rights. She even performed in the play “Hear Wordsecond “‘s iteration in 2015.

She is the owner and operator of “2wice As Nice Limited,” a media production company. The first installment of the Idols West Africa series was co-produced by the firm.


Elvina has appeared in a number of films, including the critically praised “Bling Lagosians,” in which she played the character “Mopelola,” “Letters to a Stranger,” and “Alter Ego,” among others.

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She has collaborated with a number of well-known Nollywood actors. These individuals include Bolanle Austen-Peters, Jide Kosoko, Omotola Jalade, Alexx Ekubo, Toyin Abraham, Tina Mba, Wale Ojo, Gbenga Titiloye, and others.

ELVINA IBRU Honors & Awards

Elvina Ibru’s work has received both national and international recognition. Her most famous achievement was winning the title of Miss Big and Beautiful UK. She has received numerous honors and awards from literary and artistic organizations in recognition of her theatrical plays and tragedies.


One may only conjecture because there is no official index that lists the net worth of Nollywood stars and actresses. However, based on her works and production firm, Elvina is thought to be worth millions of Naira.

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Interesting Facts about ELVINA IBRU

Here are some facts about Elvina Ibru that you might not be aware of, aside from the fact that she comes from a wealthy family and has acting and business skills.

Elvina began working at the age of 17 in England despite being the daughter of a billionaire. She claims that, like her father, she is a workaholic.

Elvina acknowledged that she had been sexually assaulted in 2004, which has further fueled her advocacy for women’s rights worldwide.

Prior to losing her voice at Lucky Igbinedion’s event, she used to act as a vocalist, even singing at several official functions.

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In the past, Elvina weighed more than 210 kg. She started a weight loss adventure, and now she has a trim figure.

She took Sammie Okposo as an example in order to advance her acting profession.