Kayode Kasum’s life story and wealth


Kayode Kasum’s life story and wealth

A passionate filmmaker and director of photography, Kayode Kasum. He gained notoriety for the 2018 film “Oga Bolaji,” which he starred in. “Sugar Rush,” one of his more recent works, made $40 million in its first weekend at the box office. It rose to the fifth-highest earning Nollywood movie of the year. In January 2020, it entered the group of films that had raked in over $100 million at the Nollywood box office. The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) heavily criticized Sugar Rush for its inaccurate portrayal of the Nigerian law enforcement authorities.

In addition to other film productions, Kayode also worked on a two-part documentary series for the Lagos State Internal Revenue Services (LIRS). He has produced and directed music videos, TV shows, and even commercials for Ndani TV, Manchester United, Forbes, Union Bank Nigeria (UBA), DHL Shipping, among many other companies.

The majority of Kayode’s films are primarily shot in English and other Nigerian dialects. Additionally, he uses pidgin because he firmly believes in transferring cultural traits from one generation to the next. His debut film, “Dognapped,” was produced in 2017 and is the country of Nigeria’s first live-action animated comedy. It debuted on September 29, 2017, in theaters. After a lengthy run of 12 short films, it was his first effort at a feature film.



Kayode Kasum’s Education & Upbringing

The date of Kayode Kasum’s birth was February 2, 1992. He had a vivid imagination and was a very restless youngster. He tried to live in their world by imagining himself to be a Bollywood celebrity or a cartoon character. Because he didn’t put enough effort into his schoolwork and instead spent more time daydreaming, he consistently got dismal grades. As a child, he claims that composition was his favorite assignment. When he was younger, Kayode enjoyed writing because it made him feel wonderful. When he was younger, he displayed a reserved nature while having imaginary talks with characters and personalities. Daydreaming was seen by Kayode as a gift, which he later utilised to create films.

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Kankon, Badagry’s Lagos State Model College was where Kayode Kasum studied (LASMOCK). He is a Yaba College of Education graduate (YABATECH). He considered going to Canada to study economics, get married, and start a family after finding filmmaking challenging. However, fate would have it differently.

How Kayode Began His Career
He was hired by Wale Adenuga Productions as a motion graphic designer after graduating from YABATECH (WAP). From 2014 to 2015, he worked there before accepting a position as a channel manager and producer at the African Cable Television (ACTV). He took on a new position as the head of production at the advertising firm Neuklous in his second year in that position. He made 12 short films while working in this capacity.

After two years of saving, Kayode began production on “Dognapped,” his debut feature film, in 2017. Because things did not proceed as he had anticipated, he through a very difficult ordeal and eventually declared bankruptcy. However, Dognapped opened the door for other, more lucrative feature films like the well-known “Oga Bolaji,” for which he is most known. In the feature film Oga Bolaji, a 40-year-old retired musician meets a young girl who has just arrived from Ghana with her mother in Lagos, Nigeria.

His path to success was paved by this movie. He met Jade Osiberu while making this movie, and as a result, he was given the opportunity to work on several additional paid projects. Oga Bolaji established his reputation internationally and catapulted him into the spotlight due to its screening at more than 20 international film festivals. Even two languages, French and Italian, were translated into Oga Bolaji. Later, Kayode directed films including Sugar Rush and Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards.

Kayode Kasum’s Professional Advancements

Before the release of Sugar Rush in December 2019, during an interview. Kayode described some of the challenges he had while working in the Nollywood film industry. He mentioned not having enough money to finance and carry out the ideas he had, as well as the fact that actors in Nigeria enjoy greater freedom. They treated him poorly because he was a newcomer to the field, and they had a casual attitude toward his efforts.

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He overcame several obstacles because the movie industry only values a director’s wealth and accomplishments. The journey was difficult for Kayode because he had no money and no achievements to brag about when he entered the film industry.

After more than two years of saving, Kayode was able to finance the production of “Dognapped.” Dognapped, a talking dog movie, was comparable to Dr. Dolittle in Nigeria. Numerous Nollywood celebrities, including Odunlade Adekola, Tope Teleda, Julius Agwu, Lota Chukwu, and comedians Funny Bone and Comedian Ebiye, appeared in the film Dognapped. But things didn’t go as he had hoped for the film.

After its debut, Dognapped had a poor box office performance and rendered Kayode bankrupt. Kayode didn’t give up hope. Instead, he decided to wait another year to film “Oga Bolaji.” He made a promise to himself before filming Oga Bolaji that it would be his final project for the Nollywood industry. After that, he intended to move to Canada to study economics, lead a normal life, and get married.

But after Oga Bolaji was released, everything drastically changed. “Oga Bolaji transformed everything and opened doors to new prospects,” he said in his own words. When you type Kayode Kasum’s name into Google, “Oga Bolaji” comes up as the first movie connected to him.

Memorable Moments of Kayode

Following the success of Oga Bolaji, Jade Osiberu called Kayode and informed him that she was developing a feature film and required a co-director. She gave him instructions after he gave her permission, then handed him the script to read, and that was all. Kayode attributes this chance to the influence of God’s grace in his life.

Prior to this, he had received a Direct Message (DM) from Jade Osiberu asking for a link to his previous movie, Oga Bolaji, so she could view it. The reason Jade Osiberu handed Kayode the director’s chair in Sugar Rush remains a mystery to this day. The phenomenal success of Sugar Rush at the Nollywood box office demonstrated this talented young cinematographer’s abilities.

Notable Successes

Working with prestigious organizations like WAP, ACTV, and the advertising firm Neuklous is something Kayode has done. He also produced 12 short films. Here is a list of the motion pictures that Kayode has directed:

  • 2017 Dognapped
  • 2018 Oga Bolaji
  • 2019 Sugar Rush
  • The Whole 30 Yards 2020, Kambili
  • Alakada’s 2020 fate.
  • Love is yellow,
  • Face, Sweet.
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“Oga Bolaji,” a Kayode project, received theatrical distribution in the US and the Nordic nations. The youngest director of an African magic TV show is Kayode. Phases, a web series created by Ndani TV, is also directed by him. Kayode Kasum was a 2019 The Future Award Price for Filmmaking nominee. He may add this accomplishment to his resume. There is no denying this young man’s talents, though, given the endeavors he has undertaken in the past and the activities he has planned for the future.

His work has been recognized with numerous awards from countries like Canada, France, Kenya, Serbia, Italy, United Kingdom, and Nigeria. Kayode’s movies have been seen in numerous locations and festivals all over the world.

What Kayode Kasum is worth

Kayode has thus far maintained a quiet and modest existence, keeping his private affairs out of the spotlight. However, it is clear from the popularity of Oga Bolaji and Sugar Rush that Kayode Kasum is doing exceptionally well financially.

Other fascinating details

On the Telenovela series “UNBROKEN” on MNET, Kayode has filmed around 7,860 minutes. For your information, Kayode is single and his favorite dish is anything that contains plantains.