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Biography of Blaqbonez

There are many young, skilled musicians in Nigeria’s thriving music scene, including the well-known rapper Blaqbonez. Blaqbonez, who is well-known by his stage name, was born under the name Emeka Akumefule.

Mr. Boomastic, commonly known as Emeka Akumefule, is a rapper and songwriter in the Nigerian music scene. He was conceived on January 29, 1996, in the modest home of Imo State-born Igbo parents.

The 24-year-old rapper was raised among Yorubas and Urhobos despite having roots in the southeast of Nigeria. Blaqbonez is single, and there has been no public acknowledgement of a relationship.


At the age of 13, he independently identified his rapping talent and has since developed it further. At age 16, he won the Terry tha Rapman’s Zombie competition, beating out over 3,000 other rappers in Nigeria. He started working in the music business in 2011. After winning the Zombie competition in 2012, he gained a little bit of notoriety. He gained notoriety, nevertheless, after releasing his debut song, “South Africa Must Go.”

A frequent user of social media is Blaqbonez. Emeka the Stallion is his Instagram handle, @Blaqbonez is his Twitter handle, and Blaqbonez is his username on YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. You can contact him and stay up with him on his website,

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Childhood and Education

Blaqbonez was raised in a mixed-race setting in Nigeria despite being born into an Igbo family. This clearly affected his rhyming style. He was raised by his minister mother. He didn’t know he could rap until his cousin challenged him after hearing a 12-year-old rapper on the radio. Blaqbonez, a 13-year-old, accepted his cousin’s challenge to write his own rap verses, and he hasn’t looked back since. Blaqbonez continued his studies at Obafemi Awolowo University after finishing elementary and high school, where he earned a degree in computer engineering.

beginning of Blaqbonez’s career

Blaqbonez is an exceptional and passionate rapper, there is no question about that. Blaqbonez continued to inspire and push himself lyrically after accepting his cousin’s rap challenge despite the difficulties at home. He covertly followed his love of rap music, and at the age of 15, he put out his first mixtape project called Hip-hop in Blaq and began competing in events. At the age of 16, he triumphed over the other 3,000 competitors in the Terry tha Rapman’s Zombie competition, which took place in February 2012. As a result, he was given the chance to appear on one of Terry’s albums, World Domination, which was published in 2012. He appeared with honorees including Olamide, Mode 9, Vector, and Spellz.

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After appearing on Terry’s album, he made the decision to release his first single, “stronger,” which was originally a tune on his mixtape “hip-hop in Blaq.” Blaqbonez entered the music industry in 2012, winning the competition and appearing on Terry’s album, but he didn’t become well-known until 2015. The popular song that launched his career was “South Africa Must Go,” a single off the mixtape “Cassette Tapes and TVs.”

Blaqbonez received significant recognition in 2015 after taking first place in and winning a number of tournaments. That same year, he also released his third mixtape, “Cassette Tapes and TVs,” in which he collaborated with a number of well-known musicians, including AQ, Oladips, Lord V, Chinko Ekun, and Paybac.

One of the select few musicians who saw early success is Blaqbonez. His rapping abilities offered him the opportunity to meet MI Abaga, who eventually became his mentor. MI made the decision to mentor Blaqbonez and other up-and-coming rappers after realizing the struggles that rappers, particularly those who are rapidly ascending in the field, experience. In his testimony, Blaqbonez claimed to have benefited much from MI’s advice while he was accepted into the 100 crowns. A hip-hop label called 100 Crowns operates under the Chocolate City record label in collaboration with Warner Music Group.

Blaqbonez, a self-described “the best rapper in Africa,” produced a freestyle music titled “The best in Africa” to support his claim. He made this song available as a warning to other Nigerian rappers.

Blaqbonez has his own kind of music, which is primarily hip-hop, just like every other artist. His style and rap abilities have been spiced up by his background exposure to a diverse milieu. His raps are a fantastic fusion of English and Yoruba lyrics that sound gorgeous and pleasant to listen to.

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Career breakthrough for Blaqbonez
Blaqbonez, who is brave and self-assured, made his career breakthrough at the age of 16. He won the Tenny tha Rapman’s Zombie competition in 2012, and as a result, he and other singers appeared in Tenny’s music that year. From that point on, he was able to advance in his career and get advice and assistance from well-known performers like MI. He received numerous accolades and prizes and has subsequently released a number of songs and EPs. He became one of the most significant up-and-coming stars in Nigeria thanks to his confidence and rapping abilities. His will to excel is apparent as he attempts to venture outside of Nigeria.

cherished moments

One incident that happened while Blaqbonez was 15 years old lingered in his memory. Blaqbonez didn’t let his goals of becoming a professional rapper, even if his parents were against it. At age 15, he prepared several bars for his rap track before heading to the studio. Unfortunately for him, he destroyed the microphone even before opening his mouth to speak. To get the faulty mic replaced, he had to beg his parents for $50,000 to give the mic man. He continued to make mixtape records even after this occurrence.

Blaqbonez also recalls the day he entered the entertainment business with the help of MI and Loose Kaynon and was accepted into the 100 Crowns label.


EPs and albums by Blaqbonez

Blaqbonez has accomplished a number of things since the start of his career. On August 31st, 2018, he released the album Bad Boy Blaq. It was published on 100 Crowns and produced by MI Abaga. Three of his Bad Boy Blaq album’s most often played songs are Accommodate, Consent, and Accept. About nine EPs have been issued by Blaqbonez since he entered the market. His three most well-known EPs are Mr. Boombastics, Bad Boy Blaq Re-up, and Bad Boy Blaq, both of which were released in 2019. (2019). On January 15, Blaqbonez released the song “Green Blaq Green” in honor of MVP South Africa winner Khaligraph Jones. He additionally released a single rap song titled Haba on March 20, 2020.

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As a rising star in the industry since entering the spotlight in 2012, Blaqbonez has put in a lot of effort. He has received some recognition for his accomplishments and participation in numerous events. When he triumphed in the Terry tha Rapman Zombie competition in 2012, he first gained attention. He took home the prize for Tosinadeda’s Radio Palm Wine in 2015, and he finished as the first runner-up in Vector’s King Kong Rap competition.

He also won the Rhythm FM Freestyle Fury and was named the month’s performer on Rhythm FM. He also triumphed in the Soundcity-hosted Hennessey Vs. Class battle. His CD Bad Boy Blaq was one of Soundcity’s Album of the Year nominees. He was referred to as one of the “new guards of Nigerian music” by the New York Times. At the same time, the Guardian referred to him as “bearing the touch of Nigerian rap.”

Fascinating Facts

Blaqbonez Net worth

Information about Blaqbonez’s net worth is vague, just as with every new rising star. Nevertheless, Blaqbonez’s net worth is thought to be in the range of $70,000 and $100,000.