The biography and wealth of Craze the Clown


The biography and wealth of Craze the Clown

You wouldn’t be inaccurate to refer to him as one of Nigeria’s internet comedy’s pioneers. As Craze Clown or Baba Ade, Emmanuel Gonna Iwueke is a comedian who first gained notoriety through his comic routines on social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram. Before the comedy video market got as congested as it is today, Crazeclown started producing top-notch comedies.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Emmanuel Iwueke, better known by his stage name Crazeclown, developed a love for comedy at a young age. From performing stand-up in his school and hosting events, the intrepid comedian advanced to making large crowds laugh and hosting national and international music and comedy shows.

Despite not yet been married, Crazeclown proposed to his eight-year girlfriend in December 2019. It was a well-attended event that garnered media attention; the comedian also shared it on his social media accounts.


Crazeclown has a sizable social media following and an active social media presence, as one might anticipate. At the time this biography was being written, @Crazeclown had about 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Over 120,000 people subscribe to his Crazeclown YouTube channel as well.

The comedian has continued to be prominent in the Nigerian entertainment industry since he rose to fame in 2013. In addition to being a comic, Crazeclown is also an actress and, shockingly, a doctor!

Childhood of a Crazy Clown

being a child

On December 24, 1991, Emmanuel Gonna Iwueke, also known as Crazeclown, was born. He has two male brothers and a sister; he was the third child born into a family of five. While his mother was a native of Edo state, his father is from Imo state. Both Crazeclown’s parents worked as pharmacists. As a young boy, Emmanuel witnessed his parents administering medications, and this later influenced him to develop a passion and drive for medicine.

Crazeclown once wrote about his parents on his About page on his social media platforms, and all he had to say was love for them, especially his mother. He described the unwavering affection he had for his mother while comparing his father to a diamond. This proves that Crazeclown’s childhood was affectionate, straightforward, and typical.

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Crazy Clown Training

Crazeclown received his primary schooling at Immaculate Nursery and Primary School. However, he attended three different schools before completing his studies at St. Stephen’s nursery and primary school. For his secondary education, he attended FGC Daura, but Crazeclown would also switch schools twice for his primary education. In 2008, he later earned his WASSCE diploma from St. Thomas Secondary School in Kano, Nigeria.

Crazeclown pursued his university degree in Nigeria at two separate institutions after finishing secondary school. The University of Maiduguri came second behind Delta State University. Crazeclown detailed on his sites how he unsuccessfully applied for admission numerous times to the point where he “started selling jamb scratch cards.” Crazeclown later enrolled in a course he claimed to know nothing about because he was clearly aiming for medicine and wanted to leave his house in frustration.

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Crazeclown probably changed schools for this reason. He persisted in trying to learn his dream subject, nevertheless. Crazeclown was admitted to the University of Ghana Legon to study medicine after a brief term at the University of Maiduguri. He had to drop out of school because he was unable to afford the quadrupled tuition. Crazeclown didn’t allow this unpleasant experience stop him, though, and instead went back to the drawing board with a goal to be accepted to study medicine once more in a reasonably priced university. But fortune was on his side, as he was granted a visa to travel to Ukraine and enroll in Kharkiv National Medical University’s medical school. On June 30, 2017, Crazeclown received a degree in medicine from this institution.

Only a motivated man like Crazeclown could pull off combining demanding medical school with entertainment, dealing with his father’s passing in September 2015, and still graduating with flying colors.

How did the Craze Clown Career begin?

Numerous publications have noted that Crazeclown’s passion for comedy was equal to his passion for medicine. He got his start in comedic sketch writing at an early age. He also held a number of activities at his school. But Crazeclown made his professional debut in 2011, when he served as the MC for the International Students Association (ISA) gala. He had by this point founded Hi5 entertainment, an entertainment business.

By putting on his first comedy show, “Kharkov must laugh,” in 2012, Crazeclown further solidified his career. The comedy show featured various comedians and was the best in Kharkiv. In 2013, he staged a different performance in Kharkiv, where he played among the greatest in the business, including Bovi.

After around three years of hosting events and appearing at various performances, Crazeclown started creating and publishing comedic skits to his social media accounts, mainly YouTube and Instagram. In the first round of comedy sketches, which ran for a while, he played the role of “Papa Ade” alongside two other budding comics.

portrayed “Ade” and “Tobi,” his sons. The humorous skits won over many fans and helped Crazeclown become successful in the field. They quickly amassed millions of views due to their extreme virality, and Crazeclown gained a sizable number of fans as a result.

Crazy Clown Career Achievements

Crazeclown became well-known thanks to the “papa ade” skits he shared on YouTube and Instagram. He had performed a lot of well-liked humorous sketches throughout the years, but none of them were as funny as his “papa are” jokes. We still call him Papa Ade even if it is his brand name. In the sketches, he portrays the naughty father of two annoying sons who are often in trouble with him. People constantly request for more of the hilarious and condensed comedy routines because they are so popular.

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In 2014, Crazeclown visited the UK and participated in a number of concerts. The concert he organized in Aberdeen may have been the tour’s high point.

Crazeclown, who has over 100 million views, was one of the most popular social media comedians in Nigeria and Africa in 2015.

Crazeclown attained a landmark in 2016 when he surpassed one million Instagram followers. His following has grown to more than 3.5 million as of right now. This demonstrates the professional development Crazeclown is undergoing.

His comedic skits paved the road and provided him with many opportunities. He received numerous invitations to perform at concerts all over the world.

Crazeclown was named the presenter of the Industry Nite United States edition, which featured Wizkid as the headlining act, on May 6, 2015. Crazeclown would be making their American debut at the performance.

Around this time, Crazeclown founded House of Craze Production Ltd, a production business that would be essential in planning his future events. His followers can stay up to speed on his most recent comedy gigs and forthcoming events by visiting the website he built for his business, He also uses the website as a small-scale marketplace where he offers for sale branded t-shirts, hats, and other apparel items.

Crazeclown launched the “common sense” tournament in 2015. The tournament included the funniest characters, and each week a winner is chosen who receives $500 in prize money.

He planned a performance titled “the good, the furious, and the funny” in Kharkiv in May 2016. Numerous well-known musicians attended the performance, including Falz the bhad person. On his Twitter account, Crazeclown referred to the sold-out performance as “a dream come true.” As a result, he decided to make the comedy concert an annual event. Reekado Banks and Lil Kesh were among the well-known performers present during the 2017 performance of “Kharkov must laugh.” Additionally, the program was run in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

In addition to attending concerts and planning events, Crazeclown also secured a number of endorsements during this time. Along with Phyno and Skuki, he was introduced as one of NAIRABET’s official ambassadors in 2016.

Memorable Craze Clown Moments

Without a doubt, Crazeclown’s ascent to fame would have included a number of noteworthy events. Among these, the event he planned in Kharkiv in 2016 is noteworthy. He was well attended and his show was sold out. The musician was so ecstatic that he thanked God and his fans on Twitter for realizing his goal.

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Another milestone was his 2017 graduation from Kharkiv National Medical University with a medical degree. after around ten years of attempting to fulfill his aim of becoming a doctor.

Notable Successes

Most well-known Works

The “Papa Ade” skits that Craze Clown began posting on his YouTube and Instagram profiles are what he is best known for.

He is recognized for planning comedic events through his business, House of Craze. His most well-known annual performance, “Kharkov must laugh,” involves a number of well-known and up-and-coming comedians in addition to vocalists.

He began the “Common sense” competition in 2015. Each week, competitors engage in witty competition for the $500 grand prize.


Over the years, Crazeclown has gained a lot of respect in the field. Awards and other benefits typically accompany recognition, and Crazeclown’s situation is hardly an exception. He was the 2015 Online Sensation of the Year winner at the Naija FM Comedy Jam Awards. He won both the Nigeria Youth Choice Awards and the City People’s Award for Comedian of the Year in the same year. He also won the 2017 Best Comedy Act Award (Online) at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, besting other up-and-coming online comedians like Emmanuella and Wowo Boyz.

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Craze Clown Networth

There isn’t anything online about Crazeclown’s net worth. Given that the internet comedian doesn’t want to brag about his fortune and doesn’t do so on social media. Crazeclown, though, is valued highly by us—roughly $100,000.

Other Fascinating Details

Most people probably won’t believe it, but Crazeclown is a devout Christian and a fervent prayer warrior. Because Crazeclown’s parents are both from royal houses, he occasionally refers to himself as a “double prince.” The internet comic is 6 feet 5 inches and 80 kilograms tall.