8 Most Expensive Phones in the World 2023

Most Expensive Phones

Have you seen the world’s most expensive mobile phones by 2023? We think this list will blow your mind when you look at the phone prices listed below.

Do you know what the most wanted and most used gadget of the 21st century is? It has only one name. The smart helper you always have with you is your mobile phone. The world of mobile phones is evolving every day, with manufacturers competing to offer the latest features and add new levels of luxury. People are smarter than ever, and by 2023 more people will have $2,000 worth of mobile phones. Smart gadgets don’t just show off, they also offer additional features that regular smartphones can’t offer. This does not mean that we will name regular mobile phones in this article.

If you want to find a modern expensive smartphone, visit this expensive new smartphone on the market today. By 2023, every bespoke mobile phone ever built on the planet will be featured with a huge price tag just to show off and spread its luxurious lifestyle. Why were these expensive mobile phones made?

It is a spectacle of passion and hobby. Imagine that today people collect airplanes, helicopters, cars, etc. as a hobby. If you’re interested, visit our latest article on the world’s most expensive hobby. You’d be shocked at how many billions of dollars the world’s extravagant people spend just on their hobbies.

Let’s take a look at the world’s most expensive mobile phones in 2023

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

  • price: $48.5 million
  • Maker: Apple
  • Headquarters: America
  • Designed and distributed by Falcon
  • Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diam
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Behold the world’s most expensive and luxurious mobile phone, Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond! iPhone 6 bespoke mockup designed by US luxury brand Falcon. This gadget is made with precious stones and high quality materials and comes with a 24K gold, rose gold or platinum case. There were three different colors before choosing pink for the latest model. You can choose cheaper versions such as Orange Diamond or Blue Diamond. The only one who has it is Nita Ambani, the esteemed wife of Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani.

2. Black Diamond iPhone 5

  • price: $15.3 million
  • Maker: apple
  • Headquarters: America
  • Designed by: Stuart Hughes
  • Black Diamond iPhone 5

3. iPhone 4S Elite Gold

  • price: $9.4 million
  • Maker: apple
  • Headquarters: America
  • Designed by: Stuart Hughes
  • iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Surprisingly, the world’s most expensive luxury phone in 2019 is worth more than five times his price for the second on the list. Stuart Hughes has once again stunned the world with his iPhone 4S Elite Gold, another spectacular creation of his own. This gadget contains 500 of his diamonds weighing over 100 carats. The phone’s exciting features are the 24K gold that covers the back and the Apple logo, and the 53 diamonds that surround it. And heck, there’s a chest containing a platinum block containing an original dinosaur bone fragment, along with other valuable and rare stones.

04. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Rose Diamond

  • price: $8 million
  • Maker: apple
  • Headquarters: America
  • Designed by: Stuart Hughes
  • Stewart Hughes iPhone 4 Rose Diamond

Designed by Stuart Hughes, this handset makes it into the top three most expensive luxury phones of 2019. This model has his 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats. The Apple logo is made up of 53 diamonds and the Start button is made up of a rare 7.4 carat single cut diamond. This gadget’s chest consists of his one block of granite weighing seven kilograms.

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05. Gold Striker iPhone 3GS Supreme

  • price: $3.2 million
  • Maker: apple
  • Headquarters: America
  • Distributed by: gold striker
  • Designed by: Stuart Hughes
  • Gold Striker iPhone 3GS Supreme

This luxury phone is one of his most prestigious gadgets, designed by British designer Stuart Hughes and his company Goldstriker. It includes 271 grams of 22-carat solid gold, over 200 diamonds, including 53 for the Apple logo, and a 7.1-carat diamond for the Start button. This handset also has a granite block on its chest. Originally made for an Australian businessman, it has since been considered his one of the most expensive and luxurious mobile phones in the world.

06. iPhone 3G King Button

  • price: $2.5 million
  • Maker: Apple
  • Headquarters: America
  • Designed by: Peter Allison
  • iPhone 3G Kings Button

Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson once again dazzled us with his Apple iPhone Kings Button, another of his great creations. This phone is a true gem. Includes 18K yellow, white and rose gold. The white gold band contains a whopping 138 brilliant cut diamonds. The start button is set with a 6.6 carat diamond. With this added phone, the iPhone has taken another epic step on his way to ultimate glory.

07. Goldvish Le Million

  • price: $1.3 million
  • Maker: Golden
  • Headquarters: Switzerland
  • Designed by: Emmanuel Gast
  • Goldvish Le Million

His Le Million model for the Swiss manufacturer of premium luxury phones is probably the most expensive device the company has ever produced. The unique shape gives it an attractive appearance. This mobile phone was once registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most expensive mobile phone. Crafted in 18K white gold, it also includes a 120 carat VVS-1 diamond. Equipped with a 2-megapixel camera and 2GB of internal memory. Although it is no longer the most expensive mobile phone, it is still at the top of the list and is very popular all over the world.

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08 diamond crypto smartphone

  • price: $1.3 million
  • Maker: JSC Uncourt
  • Headquarters: london in england
  • Designed by: Peter Allison
  • diamond crypto smartphone

The device is designed with a plain platinum and rose gold logo. The mobile is made up of 50 diamonds, including 10 rare blue diamonds. The navigation keys are rose gold and set with 28 round-cut diamonds. This phone is very different from others as it has strong encryption technology. The phone’s wood trim is made from hand-polished Macassar ebony. This phone is based on CE Window.


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