FMYSD / BOI 60 Day Programming Challenge 2023


FMYSD / BOI 60 Day Programming Challenge 2023- Apply Now


The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, in partnership with the Bank of Industry (BOI), has launched the second edition of its 60-day challenge program for young technology enthusiasts.

Open to applicants aged 18-35 under the National Youth Policy, this initiative aims to promote innovation and creativity among Nigerian Youth by encouraging them to develop their own program ideas and turn them into reality by solving problems. in one of the shortlisted industries below.



1. Agriculture


2. educational technology


3. Fintech


4. Health


5. Sports


6. Telecommunications. The agri-tech sector includes technologies related to agriculture such as precision agriculture, crop monitoring and irrigation systems, which is a problem-solving software idea that can help farmers improve crop yields and identify pests. early disease or regularize the irrigation system


The edu-tech sector includes education-related technologies such as online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and educational games. An application idea that solves a problem in industry can be an idea that helps students learn more effectively, provides access to quality education for underserved communities, or facilitates the learning process.


The healthcare industry includes technology


to healthcare such as telemedicine, fitness tracking and disease management. An app idea that solves a problem in the industry can be an idea that helps people manage their health more effectively, provide healthcare services to vulnerable communities, or track healthy behaviors.


The sports industry includes sports-related technologies such as fitness tracking, performance analytics, and sports media. Application ideas that solve problems in the industry can help athletes improve their performance, access sports content for a respected community, or streamline the work of managing a sports team.

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The telecommunications industry includes telecommunications-related technologies such as cellular networks, Internet service providers, and communication devices. App ideas that solve problems in this industry can help people communicate more easily. underserved communities or manage the operation of the telecommunications system.


provide access to communication tools for


eligibility (Who can participate): Youth


Nigerians between the ages of 18-35.



a. 10 grand prizes of N1 million

b. Business Development Training

c. Laptop

d. 50 FMYSD Certificate of Attendance

Application Closing Date: Start and End


Date Call starts on Monday Application closing date: Start and end date Call starts on Monday


January 9, 2023. Entries close on March 10, 2023.