Cheque’s biography, wealth, and list of songs


Cheque’s biography, wealth, and list of songs

Akanbi Bamidele Brett, often known as Superboy Cheque or simply Cheque, is a 25-year-old Nigerian musician who is currently considered the “rave of the moment.” He is an exceptionally talented rapper and singer. Since starting to make music professionally in 2015, Cheque’s ascent to fame has been nothing short of spectacular. Given how crowded the Nigerian music market is, accomplishing this is very difficult.

Look no further than Cheque if you want to experience what consistently churning out high-quality musical content, from freestyle videos to previews of recently released track graphics, feels like. What better place to share this than on your social media account, which is what he is known for. Cheque uses the stage to pique the interest of his sizable crowd. As a result, Cheque’s top-notch content is available on Twitter and Instagram as @superboycheque.

He began by regularly releasing his freestyle films online, which attracted a small fanbase who continued requesting more of his stuff. However, he is most known for the song “Zoom,” which briefly surpassed Davido’s “FEM” as the second most popular song in Nigeria. Due to their comparable voice tones and vocal styles, this song not only gained him the much-needed popularity but also comparisons to Roddy Ricch of America. It only has room to get better.


Cheque’s dating status is uncertain because the “satisfied” crooner divulges very little information about his personal life. He’s probably attempting to keep things under wraps while we were all gone playing the guessing game. The future? Our boldest speculation right now is that Cheque is still single. You can be confident that if there is any information that clarifies his relationship status, whether he is ready to date or not, you will be made aware of it.

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Early Life & Education Cheque

Growing up.

Cheque, whose real name is Akanbi Bamidele Brett, was born on March 23, 1995, in Okitipupa, Ondo State. He is also a native of the region. Cheque’s early years were spent in Ondo town, Ondo state. He developed here from a young child to a teenager before becoming the well-known musician he is today. There is no longer any information available on his upbringing or family history. This is the closest it can get.

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However, there is no formal documentation identifying the primary and secondary institutions where he received his schooling. He may have finished them before continuing his education at the University, based on the evidence available. Regarding this, he completed his undergraduate studies at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State. He earned his Chemical Engineering bachelor’s degree from this institution. Even more rumors claim that following his first two classes at Obafemi Awolowo University, he was enrolled in first class (O. A. U). Not much is known about his grades aside from that.

The Career of Cheque

Cheque was already attached to all things musical before he started making music, and he was drawn to events where singers or rappers performed. Cheque was constantly searching for the most recent rap battles so he could watch and pick up tips. He frequently observed the rappers’ “spit bars” and the singers’ “melodies” as they battled it out.

Cheque made the decision to try it out since he was enamored with the beats and lyrics. He was very confident as he approached the stage, but his confidence diminished once he was there. All he could manage to say with the microphone in his hands was “cheque.” He was at a loss for words. He eventually continued to say “Cheque” nearly 15 times. The building erupted with laughter as a result, and people started referring to him as Cheque. Cheque was created in this manner.

Cheque began his musical career in 2015 while still a student at Obafemi Awolowo University. After he started to enjoy Zamorra rap game, which finally inspired him to pursue music, this happened. Even if Zamorra had given him the name Kyle B at the time. It wasn’t simple for Cheque to start the music. When in the midst of his music-oriented, he always felt strange. He was criticized for having a compelling style but lacking the natural flow of a rapper. Cheque was moved to tears by this, but he continued to improve.

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Later in 2015, Kyle B, then going by the stage name Kyle B, released his debut EP, which he dubbed “S. O. O. N.” He included well-known recording artists in Nigeria at the time, such as Fireboy (then known as DML), Zamorra, and Chinko Ekun, on this EP. The EP’s reception was somewhat favorable. This showed he still had some skill to develop in the area. When he was released, he went on to change his name to Superboy because it was difficult for people to pronounce Kyle B.

Cheque and DML (now known as Fireboy) were both signed to Cruel Nation in 2017, but it was a dreadful and unpleasant experience for them both. They had not released a single with the record label after their initial trial period had ended. Back to the starting point

In 2018, Cheque realized the potential of Instagram and made the decision to capitalize on it. He began regularly releasing his rap freestyle material. This was the start of his journey to become a family.


career advancements.

“Keep doing what you have been doing and watch it pay off in the end,” says one proverb. The ascent to fame of Cheque is best summed up by this adage. One of the several freestyle videos he had been posting eventually got Phyno’s attention, causing him to DM Cheque. Cheque was ecstatic about this—who wouldn’t be? After months passed without hearing from Phyno, his initial joy started to wane. Then, unexpectedly, Phyno immediately responded to him with a contract offer. Cheque was admitted into the Penthauze record label in 2019 in this manner and at this time.

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Memorable memories with Cheque.

Cheque stated in an interview that the day Phyno wrote him a DM was his most treasured memory. He believes that’s when his rise to popularity really started. Another memorable milestone for him was being accepted by the Penthauze record label. He was able to collaborate with the artist Phyno, who he admired while perfecting his skill.

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Songs & EPs by Cheque

S. O. O. N( Something Out Of Nothing) ( Something Out Of Nothing)
The same

Ft. Viruz Zomora, Superman


Just one query

Chinko Ekun and Viruz Zamora’s “Walk Away”

DML and Laye Mi (Now Fireboy)







Soro Jeka

Pain relief




I see,


However, Cheque hasn’t yet received any nominations for awards or won any of them. It is almost certain that he will be nominated for and win numerous awards in the near future. Such is his prodigious talent and the persistent effort he makes. Take care of him!

Fascinating Facts

Gross Worth

Due to the lack of information on Cheque’s assets or money, there was no current assessment of his net worth or assumed net worth as of the time of writing.

There are additional fascinating facts available.It has been said that Cheque’s music is a combination of Afro, Trap, R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop. He takes tremendous care to produce music with excellent lyrics and melody.