Age, net worth, and filmography of Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler

Scottish actor and accomplished film producer Gerard Butler. He was born in the Scottish city of Paisley on November 13, 1969. Butler started out as an actor in the late 1990s, making appearances in a number of British films and television shows. He recently made a new plane movie (2023)

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Bio of Gerard Butler

He received widespread acclaim in 2003 for his portrayal of King Leonidas in the movie “300.” He has since appeared in a variety of big-budget movies, such as “P.S. I Love You,” “Law Abiding Citizen,” and “Olympus Has Fallen.” Butler is renowned for his acting flexibility and has portrayed a variety of roles in both drama and action movies. He has remained a well-known character in Hollywood and is well-regarded for his acting.

Butler is well-known for his charitable endeavors in addition to his acting career. He participates in many fundraising initiatives and supports a number of causes. Additionally, he supports environmental causes and has participated in a number of campaigns to increase public awareness of environmental problems. Butler has a thriving music career in addition to his work in cinema and television, and he has produced a number of albums. He is praised for his talent, charisma, and work ethic and is widely considered as one of Scotland’s most successful exports. He is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after performers and is largely considered as one of the generation’s most gifted actors.

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Movies starring Gerard Butler include “300” from 2006, “P.S. I Love You” from 2007, “Law Abiding Citizen” from 2009, “The Bounty Hunter” from 2010, “Olympus Has Fallen” from 2013, “Geostorm” from 2017, “Angel Has Fallen” from 2019, “Greenland” from 2020, and “Den of Thieves” from 2018. (2018)
These are some of his major films, albeit this is not a complete list.

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Gerard Butler’s Salary

Gerard Butler’s net worth is anticipated to be over $60 million as of 2023. His prosperous careers as an actor, film producer, and musician have contributed to his wealth. He has gained praise for his performances in numerous well-known films and has a growing net worth as a result. He is renowned for his business endeavors and investments, both of which have added to his riches. It is crucial to keep in mind that estimates of net worth might change and may not be totally accurate.