How is Notion AI different from ChatGPT and Bing AI, and what is Notion AI?


How is Notion AI different from ChatGPT and Bing AI, and what is Notion AI?

Your ideal writing partner is Notion AI!

What is the one word—or more precisely, what are the two words—that you keep hearing these days? Artificial intelligence, that’s right! When new tools emerge quicker than you can comprehend them, AI has emerged as the newest craze in the computer world.

Yet not every AI tool will have an effect in a market starting to get saturated. A lot of reverberations have already been created by ChatGPT and Bing AI. Notion AI has recently been added to this list. Yet if all of these tools are starting to overwhelm you


that appear to be merging into a single AI category, do not worry. They might all be AI-based tools but are miles apart, and we’ll help you understand just how.

Describe Notion AI

The Notion productivity and note-taking app’s collective collection of AI functions is known as Notion AI. Notion is a very well-liked workspace tool for teams and companies because it has many organizational features including task management, to-do lists, project tracking, bookmarking, etc.

Your experience with the Notion app is supposed to be enhanced by Notion AI. There isn’t a unique web application to access it. Right now, AI can assist with writing, summarizing, brainstorming,material can be revised, edited, translated, and more. The advantage of utilizing Notion AI is that it operates inside the Notion app, unlike other AI solutions that you must use separately. So, it will be most useful if you already utilize Notion.With Notion AI, you can complete a wide range of jobs. If you already have notes in the Notion app, for instance, you can ask the AI to summarize them and even offer them in other formats—such as a table, actionable items, etc.—without having to go to another app.It can also help you brainstorm ideas, rewrite any content in a different tone, and serve as your writing partner by picking up where you left off. Also, it can create original blog entries, news releases, social media postings, essays, short stories, etc. Overall, it can enable you to complete a great deal of writing jobs in less time.

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It can comprehend the context and write your text for you because it has been trained on extensive language models.

The space key, / (slash) instructions, or selecting any text and asking AI to do an action are all ways to contact Notion AI on a Notion page.

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ChatGPT, Notion AI, and Bing AI

Now that you are aware of what Notion AI is, let’s compare it to ChatGPT and Bing AI, the two most widely used AI tools available at the moment.

ChatGPT is a conversational model that produces responses that resemble those of real people. Both general and technical questions can be answered by it. You can get assistance with coding questions from it in addition to getting a simpler explanation of ideas like the Big Bang theory. Similar to Notion AI, you can ask it for assistance with content summaries, rewrites, or fresh concept drafting.

Nevertheless, because ChatGPT is a stand-alone program, you must repeatedly copy and paste any information into the web application for it to perform functions like summarizing, rewriting, providing action items, etc. Yet unlike Notion AI, which is designed to assist you with your writing responsibilities, it is fundamentally a tool for conversing with the chatbot.

On the other side, Bing AI now serves an entirely new purpose. Its main objective is to assist you with your search queries and facilitate a quicker and more effective discovery of information. It is integrated into the Bing Search engine in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Moreover, it offers a Chat option where users may communicate with Bing AI, however since

Bing AI’s primary objective has resulted in responses that users have found unsettling as the chat lengthens. In reality, Microsoft has restricted the number of answers Bing AI gives in chat mode; beyond a certain number, it completely stops answering and you must start a new chat.

Notion AI lacks the conversing powers of ChatGPT and the searching capabilities of Bing AI. It can do an excellent job of achieving its objective of assisting you in writing better. Notion AI can improve your writing in a manner that none of the other tools can. Notion AI is significantly more accessible than competing products because it is also available on the Notion mobile apps.

Notion AI, in contrast to Bing AI, is not online and does not contain knowledge from recent months. It is comparable to ChatGPT in this way. Hence, it occasionally offers out-of-date information. Despite its training, it can still deliver biased or harmful information, just like any other AI tool.

Notion AI Cost

One significant way in which Notion AI varies from ChatGPT and Bing AI is that it is not available for free. Since November 2022, Notion AI has been in alpha testing, but if you had access, you could utilize it for nothing. Yet following its widespread rollout, it is now a paid feature. Every Notion user has the opportunity to test the AI for no cost for a maximum of 20 responses per member.

However, free answers are only offered till April 5, 2023. Each response the AI produces contributes to your free quota. It will count as a response even if you ask it to “Try Again” for a prompt.

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When the offer term expires or you run out of free responses, you’ll eventually need to purchase an add-on plan for Notion AI. Depending on your plan and how you pay, each member will cost between $8 and $10 per month. Each user in your workspace has access to an infinite number of AI responses with an add-on subscription.

Contrarily, ChatGPT is free to use, albeit access may not always be guaranteed owing to server overload, and a ChatGPT Plus subscription costs $20 per month. Even though Bing AI is now free to use, there is a waitlist to have access to the search engine.

Those that require a distinctive and potent generative writing AI tool will benefit greatly from using Notion AI. It goes without saying that you should give it a try if you already utilize the Notion tools to work with your team.