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German actress Maja Schöne is well-known for her roles in theater, television, and motion pictures. Her roles in Der Brand (2011), Dark (2017–2020), and Cowgirl have made her famous (2004). Theater-related work by Schöne has been particularly notable. She’s gained praise from the critics for her work on stage, particularly her appearance in “Glaube Liebe Hoffnung,” for which she was awarded the Nestroy Theater Award. Her theater performance has proven her capacity to emote strongly and truly embody characters.

Maja Schöne’s biography and wiki

On January 6, 1976, Made Schöne was born in Stuttgart, Germany. Dieter Schöne, her father, is an accomplished artist recognized for his sculptures and installations. Her mother is a costume designer, but her identity and information about her career are kept private. Maja Schöne has not disclosed anything publicly about her family, therefore it is unknown if she has siblings. She has, however, claimed in interviews that she was introduced to the arts at a young age and that she grew up in a creative environment. Her interests in art and career choice were probably influenced by her upbringing.

Schöne began her acting career in the theater after completing her acting training at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. She made appearances in plays in a number of German theaters, including the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, Staatstheater Stuttgart, and Schauspiel Frankfurt.

In the 1999 television season of “Die Straßen von Berlin,” Schöne made her acting debut. She later made appearances in a number of TV episodes and motion pictures, such as “Tatort,” “Der Alte,” “Küstenwache,” “Bella Block,” and “München 7.” For her portrayal of Hannah Kahnwald in the Netflix series “Dark,” which aired from 2017 to 2020, she received widespread acclaim. In the Netflix series “Dark,” Schöne portrays Hannah Kahnwald, and it’s a stunning performance. Her talent for accurately portraying the intricacy and suffering of her character’s journey through time is highly praised by both crowds and critics.

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Schöne has continued to act in theater performances in addition to her career on the big screen. For her performance in the play “Glaube Liebe Hoffnung” at the Schauspielhaus Vienna in 2014, she was awarded the Nestroy Theater Award.

Several video games, notably “Far Cry 4” and “Assassin’s Creed: Origins,” have utilized Schöne’s voice acting services.

Schöne has gained praise from critics for her performances throughout her career and has been nominated for and won numerous awards. Maja Schöne is regarded as one of Germany’s most gifted and adaptable actresses. She has demonstrated her ability to convincingly portray characters of various ages, backgrounds, and personalities. Her acting range is impressive.
She’s presently a resident of Germany’s Berlin. Schöne has a daughter with actor Carlo Ljubek, whom she is married to.


Maja Schöne films and television programs

Finish with laughter! (2001), Dual Use: The Fluctuation of Fire, The bedroom child, Cowgirl, The dream of the south, These days evening (2004), Tatort: In Allegingang, Criminal Repression Dow Index, Jane (2005), Stubbe-Von Fall zu Fall: Adversary Friendship (2006), 911 police call: Dunkler Sommer, Tatort: In my own matter, Hart at the border. Tatort The Dict: Anxiety Parties First of May – Helden at Work (2007), Chancen, Buddenbrooks, and KDD: Kriminaldauerdienst Tatort: The Girl Galina, Oben and unten, as well as Tatort: Tödliche Tarnung (2008), Zarte

Want Be, Parasiten Blues in the Summer, Tatort: Blood Money, Altlasten: Tatort (2009), Chancen – KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst (2010), Police Call 110 – The Fire, The Feindbild (2011), Bloody Fährte in Stralsund Tatort: Play on Time (2012), Bella Block: Infants (2013), The journey of Mrs. Roggenschaub, the starlit hour of her life (2014), Blochin’s “The Living and the Dead,” Tatort: Price of Life (2015), Fresh in Our Family (2016), New in Our Family, Part 2 (2017), A Dark in the Light, Du Alone (2018), Black (2017–2020), Eine fremde Tochter (2019), and Das Mann der die Welt aß (2020)

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Awards for Maja Schöne

She was the 2002 recipient of the Friends of the German Playhouse Young Talent Promotion Award. Schöne won the Best Leading Actress prize at the German Screen Actors Awards in 2013. She was a Best Actress nominee at the Undine Awards in Austria.

Female Support Actor in her 20s.

Maja Schöne’s earnings

In 2023, Maja Schöne will have a net worth of little over $1 million. Maja Schöne can be followed on Instagram at @maja schone.