Humber International Entrance Fully Funded scholarship ( Requirements, deadlines and how to apply)

Canada is one of the best countries you need to go to forward your study if you are a student. And if your dream is to study abroad with a scholarship then this article is for you because in this article we will be talking about Humber international entrance scholarship that is located in Canada. This scholarship is available for all international students that will love to study in Canada but need a sponsorer. We will be giving you full details about Humber international entrance scholarship, its requirement, eligibility, how to apply, deadlines, and a lot more.

About Humber International Entrance Scholarship

Humber international entrance scholarship is available to international students pursuing undergraduate and master’s programs in Canada. over 3,000 students from over 150 different countries give Humber their best choice to study in Toronto, Canada.

This type of scholarship is a tuition discount scholarship base on the student’s academic performance, community activities, and some other information presented by the student. Humber is one of the best scholarship programs that give students renewable scholarships and also one-time scholarships.

Over 23,000 students even enroll in Humber part-time programs, online classes, short-term credentials, and a lot more.  about 30,000 students taking over 180 programs are also in full time including over 3,000 Forening students from over 100 countries presented who are pursuing different programs like bachelor degrees, post-graduate certificates, and diplomas.


Humber Eligibility

  • The scholarship did not only take full consideration of the student’s academic performance but also student community activities, statements of interest, and a lot more
  • This scholarship is also available for international students( All countries are welcome to apply)
  • The English Language is required
  • Bachelor’s degree scholarships are not available for transfer students only available for students that are coming from high school or secondary school
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Requirements And How To Apply

The first step you need to take is to apply for Humber  admission before you will even start applying for its scholarship

It is from the acceptance package that the scholarship form will be given to you

It is very important to know that you also need to provide:

  • English proficiency satisfactory
  • Academic Credentials
  • And some personal information

All those information must be ready while processing the admission together with the scholarship

Visit INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS on Humber’s official website for more details

Scholarship worth and benefit

A full tuition fee scholarship will be awarded another $5,000 worth of scholarship always available every January

Also, 2 $3,000 scholarships and 7 $5,000 scholarships will be available by September

They have a thousand Canadian dollars renewable full tuition fee scholarships and also a 1-time kind of full tuition fees scholarship

Grades with the scholarship worth

If you have over 95% GPA with all other requirements met then you get a renewable scholarship worth $4,000

90% to 94.9% GPA will also have a renewable scholarship worth $3,500 if all other requirements are met.

The same goes for students who get an 85% to 89.9% GPA will be getting $3,000 Canadian dollar worth of scholarship that is renewable

Those that get an 80 to 84.9% GPA and meet all other requirements will also get $2,000 worth of scholarship that is renewable

But all other students with a 75 to 79.9% GPA will be getting a $1,500 one-time scholarship offer when they also meet other requirements.



It is always not advisable to be waiting for deadlines or working with deadlines you need to apply fast enough and complete every necessary thing you need on time so that you can have a higher chance of getting the scholarship and getting admission

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For September intake the deadline is May so make sure you have already thought through everything before the end of April application always open by the first of March

For January intake forms open by July and close by September

Also for May intake application open by the first of November and close by the last day of January


We have covered a lot about the Humber International Entrance and it is worth remembering that you need to apply for the school admission before you can get access to apply for the scholarship also you need to always work on applying very fast and complete your processing very fast. Do not wait till the deadline date. It is advisable to also be applying for multiple scholarships so that you can easily get one or two and choose wisely.

If you have any questions you can leave them down in the comment section and we will be responding to them also remember you need to read a lot of information about the scholarship on the official website to get more in-depth information about the scholarship and the school… Thanks


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