Scholarships for International Students at Humber College


Humber College, situated in Toronto, Canada, is renowned for its diverse educational programs and strong support for international students, including a robust scholarship system designed to help alleviate the financial burdens associated with studying abroad. This article provides an in-depth guide to the types of scholarships available, eligibility criteria, application processes, and additional financial considerations, empowering you with the knowledge to successfully secure funding for your studies.

Scholarship Opportunities at Humber College

Humber College is committed to supporting its student body with various financial aids. Every year, the college offers substantial scholarship funds exceeding $5 million, targeted to assist both domestic and international students. These scholarships are categorized into Entrance Scholarships, Academic Excellence Scholarships, and Dedicated International Student Scholarships. Each type aims to cater to different aspects of student achievements and specific needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships


The eligibility for scholarships at Humber is broad, designed to include as many qualifying criteria as possible to ensure a wide range of students can apply. However, all applicants must demonstrate good academic standing, and some scholarships require specific qualifications such as leadership capabilities, community involvement, or coming from certain regions or countries.

Application Process

To apply for scholarships at Humber College, candidates must first visit the official Humber College financial aid webpage. Here, you can identify the scholarships for which you are eligible and understand their specific requirements.

Preparing to Apply

Begin preparing for your application by gathering all necessary documents. This includes obtaining your latest academic transcripts, updating your resume, and drafting a personal statement that reflects your academic and professional aspirations.


Required Documents

Most scholarships will require the following documents:

  • Academic Transcripts: To showcase your academic history and success.
  • Resume/CV: Detailing your educational background, work experience, and extracurricular involvement.
  • Personal Statement: Explaining why you deserve the scholarship, your future goals, and how the scholarship will help achieve them.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Typically from academic instructors or professional supervisors who can vouch for your achievements and character.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: For non-native speakers, this can be TOEFL or IELTS scores, unless your prior education was in English.
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Completing and Submitting the Application

Fill out the scholarship application form available on Humber College’s financial aid portal. Ensure each section is accurately completed, and attach all necessary documents. Be particularly mindful of the essays and personal statements, as these are your opportunity to stand out from other candidates.

Submission Deadlines

Deadlines for scholarship applications are firm, generally closing by mid-May for the upcoming fall semester. To avoid any last-minute errors, aim to submit your application well before the deadline.

After Submission

Upon submission, you should receive an acknowledgment email from Humber College. If not, follow up to confirm your application’s status. Stay prepared for possible interviews or additional information requests.

Tuition Fees and Associated Costs

For the 2023-2024 academic year, international undergraduates at Humber College can expect tuition fees ranging from CAD $15,000 to CAD $18,000. It is crucial for students to plan for additional expenses such as books, supplies, and living costs, which can also be substantial.

Scholarship Amounts and Benefits

The scholarships at Humber can range from partial awards that cover specific fees to full tuition scholarships. Some scholarships also offer renewable options, providing continuous financial support based on academic performance.

Application Fee

Humber College charges a non-refundable application fee of CAD $75 for international students.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions vary by program but generally require a high school diploma for undergraduate programs and a bachelor’s degree for graduate studies. English proficiency is also a must for non-native speakers.

Acceptance Rate

Humber College has an acceptance rate of approximately 75%, indicative of its moderately selective admission process.

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Scholarships at Humber College offer a significant opportunity for international students to pursue their academic goals in Canada. By understanding the details of the application process and preparing thoroughly, you can enhance your chances of winning a scholarship and experiencing the diverse and supportive academic environment that Humber offers.


  • What is the largest scholarship available for international students at Humber College?

The largest scholarship available for international students at Humber College is the International Entrance Scholarships. These scholarships can cover full tuition fees for the first year of study and are renewable for subsequent years provided the student maintains a specified academic standard, typically a GPA of 80% or higher.

  • Can scholarships at Humber cover living expenses as well as tuition?

Some scholarships at Humber College do offer financial aid that can be used towards living expenses in addition to covering tuition fees. However, these are less common and typically require the recipient to meet specific criteria such as academic excellence or financial need. Students should meticulously examine the conditions of each scholarship to determine which expenses are included

  • Are there scholarships for part-time international students at Humber?

Scholarships for part-time students at Humber College are limited. Most scholarships are designed for full-time students due to the expectations of academic commitment and progress. Part-time international students may need to seek external funding opportunities or explore work-study programs to help manage their educational costs.

  • How can I maintain my scholarship at Humber College?

To maintain a scholarship at Humber College, students typically need to achieve and maintain a high academic standard. This usually involves maintaining a minimum GPA (often around 80% or higher), remaining enrolled in a full-time course load, and adhering to any specific terms set out by the scholarship. It’s important to review the renewal criteria for each scholarship annually to ensure compliance.

  • What are common mistakes in the scholarship application process at Humber College?
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Common mistakes in the scholarship application process include missing the application deadline, incomplete applications, failing to provide required documentation such as letters of recommendation or transcripts, and poorly written personal statements. Applicants should ensure they start the process early, follow all application instructions carefully, and proofread their applications to avoid these errors. Additionally, neglecting to tailor the application to highlight how they meet specific scholarship criteria is a frequent oversight that can impact the success of the application.