10 Australia scholarships for international students (Fully funded scholarships and requirements)

Among the developed countries in the world, Australia is one of the best in terms of sound education, enabling a learning environment and the easiest to access when searching for fully funded scholarships. Are you an international student seeking or intending to secure a fully funded scholarship in any of the Australian universities? If this is you, then count yourself so lucky to have come in contact with our website. This amazing article drafted just for you reveals the 10 Australian scholarships for international students(fully funded scholarships and requirements). Just read around as you learn all.

About Australia

Australia is a stable nation with the strongest working economy in the world. According to the United Nations report, Australia is rated as the second-best country in the world for its excellent quality of life, stable economy, top-ranked institutions, good number of scholarships, affordable accommodation, quality medical, and well-recognized qualifications worldwide. The country has been among the most selected study-abroad destinations for international students and now has over 4,000 international students from more than 145 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, China, Brazil, Nepal, Malaysia, etc. Australia offers a wide range of programs in different fields of study. Here are some of the study opportunities you can pursue; Business, Engineering, Education, Law, and more.  

The 10 Australia scholarships for international students(fully funded scholarships and requirements).

We will be listing the top 10 universities that offer fully funded scholarships in Australia and what the scholarships cover.

University of Sydney, Australia.

The University of Sydney offers a fully funded scholarship for international students. Tuition fees and living allowance are $40,000 payable for a year in two equal installments. Level of Study: Master, and Ph.D.  

Queensland University

Queensland University Law gives fully and partially funded scholarships for international students.
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This covers tuition fees and living allowance fees cover 25 to 50%. Level of Study: Master.  

Deakin University scholarship

Deakin University gives international students fully funded scholarships to ease their education Provides a stipend of $25,000 per year. A relocation allowance from $500 to $2,000 and health insurance. Level of Study: Postgraduate, Master, and Ph.D.  

The University of South Australia

This university is available for international students who wish to have tuition-free study in Australia. Tuition-free: Provides tuition fee for the complete period of your research study. Level of Study: Postgraduate, and Masters.  

Monash University Scholarships

Monash University is another Australian university that offers a good number of scholarships for international students. All International students are eligible to apply. Tuition-free. Level of study: Master, and Ph.D.  

Griffith University Scholarships

Are open for international students to pursue their study adventure. Tuition-free: They have both fully funded and partially funded scholarships. Level of study: Undergraduate, and post-doctoral or postgraduate.  

Macquarie University Scholarship

Macquarie University Scholarship is another scholarship offered by Macquarie University located in Australia for international students. Tuition-free: Provides an average amount of $10,000 for your living expenses, health care, etc. Level of Study: Undergraduate, and Masters.  
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Flinders University Scholarship

This Australian university also provides a fully funded scholarship for international students from all parts of the world. Tuition-free. Level of study: Master, and Ph.D.  

Charles Darwin Scholarship

Charles Darwin University Scholarship is a funded scholarship for international students. Tuition-free: Two types of scholarships are fully funded and Four types are partially funded and cover up to 50% of tuition fees. Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D., and Training.

Bond University Scholarships

This University also offers fully funded scholarships for international students. Tuition-free: The scholarship provides International students with 50% tuition fees for the entire duration of their degree. Level of Study: Undergraduate.

Requirements And Steps

  However, know that before you land an Australia scholarship, you must have; Good academic merit and a personal statement. Achieved an overall 70% score or above in your last completed qualification and, Maintain a GPA of 2.5 to 4.0 during your studies. How to apply for Australia fully funded Scholarships. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply for any of the fully funded scholarships in Australia. Step 1: International Students have to apply via the school of their choice’s official website. Step 2: Log in to the online Australia Scholarship Information System. Step 3: Register and answer the asked questions. Step 4: You’ll be given your unique registration number, password, and username.
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Step 5: Submit the needed documents.  

3 incredible benefits of studying in Australia.

Highly reputable certificate: As an international student, one of the reasons why you should look into having a certificate from Australia is that the certificate is respected and recognized worldwide, hence easy to get a high-paying job after graduation. Easy access: As earlier said, Australia Universities are the easiest to access for international students. Have a conducive learning environment: Australian schools create study facilities and a classroom that welcomes all students and helps them thrive regardless of their background.  


Australia is the third most popular destination for international students because of its top-notch enabling learning environment and the abundance of scholarships it offers. If you want to start your study adventure in Australia, this is a great opportunity for you here. You can apply for these 10 fully funded scholarships listed above and fulfill your dream of studying and having a qualification at one of the top-ranked and respected universities globally. Hope you got value reading this post. Which of the Universities do you wish to apply for your fully funded scholarship? Ensure to speak your mind by writing in the comment section below.