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Plateau State University – PLASU Courses & Admission Requirements

This is to help all aspiring students of Plateau State University (PLASU) with the courses offered at the university as well as their admission requirements.

About the University

Plateau State University is a university in Bokkos, Plateau State, Nigeria. It was established in 2005. It was granted recognition by the National Universities Commission on April 29, 2005, as the 66th university in Nigeria and the 24th state-owned university in the country.

Approved Prorammes

  1. Faculty of Arts
    • B.Sc.English Language
    • B.Sc.History and International Studies
    • B.Sc.Theatre Arts
  2. Faculty of Management Science
    • B.Sc.Accountancy/Accounting
    • B.Sc.Management Studies
  3. Faculty of Natural Science
    • B.Sc.Biochemistry
    • B.Sc.Chemistry
    • B.Sc.Computer Science
    • B.Sc.Mathematics
    • B.Sc.Microbiology
    • B.Sc.Physics
    • B.Sc.Geography
  4. Faculty of Social Science
    • B.Sc.Economics
    • B.Sc.Mass Communication
    • B.Sc.Political Science
    • B.Sc.Psychology
    • B.Sc.Sociology


General Admission Requirements

Gaining admission into an Undergraduate Programme in PLASU is basically under 2 entry method which includes the UTME entry and the Direct Entry.

PLASU admission requirements through UTME 

To gain admission into the Plateau State University in 2022, UTME candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must have reached the age of 16.
  • Candidates must have at least 6 (six) “Cs (Credits)” grades in their O’level result (s). This must include English Language, Mathematics and three other subjects related to their course of study. For instance, a Candidate that wants to study law must have a “C” in English Language, Mathematics, Government/History, Economics and Literature in English.
  • Candidates must score at least 170 in JAMB UTME examination
  • Candidates must take PLASU post UTME screening examination and must perform very well in the examination (Depending on the course of study)
  • Not more than ONE sitting results is accepted for admission into the Plateau State University(PLASU)
  • Candidates must choose the correct subject combination for their courses.
  • Finally, candidates must meet the stipulated cutoff marks for their courses to gain admission into the university.

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PLASU admission requirements through Direct Entry 

Candidates who wish to gain admission through direct entry into the Plateau State University (PLASU) must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must possess at least five (5) Credits in their O’level result. This must include English Language and Mathematics. However, two sitting result is not allowed.
  • Candidates must have also reached the age of 16.
  • Candidates are expected to get JAMB Directly entry form from JAMB to apply.
  • Candidates should have any of the following certificates: OND, ND, NCE, IJMB, Cambridge A level, BSc, HND, ICAN


  1. ACCOUNTING                                             – ENGLISH, MATHS, ECONS, GOVT
  2. AGRICULTURE                                             – ENGLISH, BIOLOGY, CHM., PHYSICS
  3. BIOCHEMISTRY                                           – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., PHYSICS
  4. CHEMISTRY                                                 – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., PHYSICS
  5. COMPUTER SCIENCE                                  – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., PHYSICS
  6. ECONOMICS                                               – ENGLISH, MATHS, ECONS, GOVT
  7. ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                  – ENGLISH, LITERATURE, GOVT, CRK
  8. GEOGRAPHY                                               – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., GEOGRAPHY
  11. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN                                   – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., PHYSICS
  12. MANAGEMENT STUDIES                             – ENGLISH, MATHS, ECONS, GOVT
  13. MASS COMMUNICATION                           – ENGLISH, LITERATURE, GOVT, CRK
  14. MATHEMATICS                                            – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., PHYSICS
  15. MICROBIOLOGY                                          – ENGLISH, BIOLOGY, CHM., PHYSICS
  16. PHYSICS                                                       – ENGLISH, MATHS, CHM., PHYSICS
  17. POLITICAL SCIENCE                                     – ENGLISH, ECONS, GOVT, CRK
  18. PSYCHOLOGY                                              – ENGLISH, BIOLOGY, CHM., PHYSICS
  19. SOCIOLOGY                                                 – ENGLISH, ECONS, GOVT, CRK
  20. THEATRE ARTS                                             – ENGLISH, LITERATURE, GOVT, CRK

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