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Rainoil Oil and Gas Company is a leading downstream oil marketing company; primary products which include (PMS), Diesel (AGO) and Kerosene (DPK).

Rainoil Oil and Gas Company is a leading downstream oil marketing company; primary products which include (PMS), Diesel (AGO) and Kerosene (DPK). Rainoil Limited was incorporated in November 1994, commencing operations in May 1997. In 1999, Rainoil Limited acquired its first service station.

Rainoil has finance facilities in excess of USD170million from different banks for importation of petroleum products. With a staff strength of over 500 trained personnel, we have developed a strong track record of quality product and service delivery.

Applications are invited from interested and qualified candidates to apply for the entry level jobs at Rainoil Oil and Gas Company.

Maintenance Officer:. Follow link below


Job Description:

Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, and equipment, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and related systems

Maintenance operations on the depot, manufacturing and, any other core business division’s equipment and facilities.
Inspects work for completeness and alignment with service level agreements

Schedules repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools and equipment to ensure continuous production operations.

Determines material, equipment, and supplies to be used. Transfers equipment and personnel from one project to another as necessary.
Keeps time cards and other routine records of the maintenance activities

Maintains the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other related systems in all core business locations.

Coordinates or inspects, operates and maintains the heating, cooling and ventilation
Confers with workers to resolve grievances concerning equipment

Stocks and organises maintenance shop with tools, parts and machinery needed for repair and maintenance as well as anticipating future needs.

Manages the shift and overtime of technicians where necessary

Implements HSE standards in the maintenance activities.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc. / HND) in Engineering or related field

Minimum of two (2) years working experience in the Oil & Gas industry, preferably in the operations / Maintenance Department.

HSE Certification.

Safety Executive:

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Job Description:

To promote occupational health and safety within the organisation through the implementation of HSE rules, policies and procedures


Implements the Health and Safety objectives through the application and enforcement of the policies and procedures

Inspects facilities and equipment periodically to ascertain they are in workable conditions as well as escalating any current or potential issues

Performs periodic safety drills e.g. fire drills to ascertain the workers have a good

understanding of the process in case of an emergency

Inspects safety tools and equipment e.g. sprinklers, fire extinguishers etc. and raising requisition for replacement of old tools or purchase of new ones

Provides guidance to staff in their day to day activities to ensure effective waste management and minimise the impact of the business on the external environment

Executes any safety awareness or programmes as developed by the management or head of department

Prepares periodic safety reports for the business division and forwards to the HSE officers for review and decision making.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Minimum of HND / BSc in Engineering, Sciences, Social Sciences, Administration or Humanities
Minimum of one (1) year working experience in the Safety and/or Environment role in the Oil & Gas or Manufacturing Industry.

HSE Certification.

Operations Executive

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Job Description:

Participating in the day to day running of Depot operations activities in and facilitating the sales of petroleum products e.g. PMS, AGO, DPK to customers who require them in bulk quantity (Industrial buyers, spot buyers etc.).


Facilitates the Loading and Ullaging of products at the depots

Collects the chart of every truck to be ullaged, and compares it with the ullage figures to establish the quantity loaded

Periodically escorts the truck to the destination and makes sure the customer does an ullage and sees the discharge

Attends to any issues that may arise at the depots either with the owners or external stakeholders

Prepares reports on daily operations and stock movement

Notifies the various agencies on vessel arrival
Ensures all the equipment required for operations are in place

Implements HSE policies in the daily operations and reports any shortage in equipment to the manager

Performs stock count through dipping and reports any shortages

Proactively engages with the external community, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders concerning Rainoil Operations.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Minimum of an BSc in Engineering or related discipline is required

Minimum of 1 (1) year relevant experience in the Marketing/operations unit of an organisation in the oil & gas industry.

Deadline: Not Specified

To apply for this job please visit career.rainoil.com.ng.