Npower pays Outstanding bills for C1 customers with suspended accounts 2023

Npower pays bills for C1 customers with suspended accounts

In the latesr news today,the management released a new update for all Batch C1 users with suspended accounts.


According to Npower, they are currently contacting “Reserved Accounts” on 013432057 and requesting information about your account as your payment has been delayed due to incorrect or incomplete information on your profile page.


Give our agents maximum cooperation. You can also call the support on 018888148, 092203102, O7OOCALLNSIP to provide your details.

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So, this enable users whose payments have been delayed to take action to get their payments back.


You can check out on the NPOWER page


The Party C Stream 1 customers have completed their plans in 2022, while Stream 2 customers are now becoming new enrollees.

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