Nigerian rapper, Chinko Ekun narrates the sad story of how he went from having one of the biggest songs in Nigeria in 2018 to becoming homeless, squatting & sleeping on the floor in 2020.

“In 2018, I had one of the biggest songs in Nigeria – ‘Able God’. I was going for shows. Everything was sweet. Then there was a lot of money. Skip to 2020, I lost my record deal. I had an issue with my record label’s boss. He was so måd.

He said I should leave the house. I lost my record deal & became homeless. I had to start squatting with a friend. And I was sleeping on the floor.

“I was so depressed, thinking about my times flying on the airplane to sleeping on the floor. Then too, my girlfriend served me a hot breakfast. It was so bad that I landed at the hospital”.

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