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“You’re Ungrateful and Can Never Make It” Singer Portable seen assaulting his artist Manny Monie

Controversial After a video of Nigerian singer Portable attacking a young artist signed to his company went public, he received a lot of vehement online criticism.

The young man was physically assaulted by Portable in the viral video as he was accused of switching to another music distributor rather than sticking with him.

The Zazu singer was also heard in the video chastising the young man for betraying him after spending so much money on him.

In the viral video, the Zeh Nation chairman also said that Manny tried to dupe him despite having spent so much money on him to promote and sponsor his music career.

I got you clothing and a new phone, and yet you wanted to reap me. In the viral footage, Portable was also seen beating the young musician as he crouched close to the singer’s car.

He chastised Manny for attempting to use two different music distributors instead of the one he recommended. Despite attacking the young musician, Portable also accused him of being a liar, even after revealing that he paid the young singer N700,000 to feature on one of his songs.

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