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Tosin Idowu, a Nigerian hairstylist, is now trending on social media as a result of his recent wedding to his German partner.

A Nigerian hairstylist, identified as Tosin Idowu, is currently trending on Twitter after he tied the knot with his German lover on Wednesday, August 11.

The delighted groom shared a video of himself and his groom getting ready for their wedding ceremony on his social media page and declared his love for him.

He captioned the video,

“The day that seemed like a fantasy existing in some far-off place has finally arrived and…we’re doing this! Hand in hand we will make this work. I love you maximillion_blue #loveislove #lgbt #married”

The well-known hairdresser moved out of Nigeria two weeks ago after living there previously.

He wrote, “I don Japa,” in a video he posted at the time that showed his journey and how his partner picked him up at the airport.

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