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People reacted to Yul Edochie story about helping Lizzygoldofficial career , Someone said ” Na so you tell us something about Judy in 2016, 2022 she became your wife “.

Let me tell you guys a story about @lizzygoldofficial

During the corona break I watched a couple of her films. Then I called her and told her I had seen some of her films and she dey try, but she still had much more to offer, I could tell she had so much talent in her as an actress which was yet to be brought out.

I told her she needed a crazy director like me who will bring it out.

She laughed sarcastically and said to me ‘no be the same film wey I dey do since, what will be different in yours’.

I also laughed and told her ‘I’m a very different director. You have no idea. If I direct you in one film your career will turn around. You’ll blow. You’ll become a Star instantly with one film. I don’t know why but I guess it’s God that wants to use me to blow your career’.
I also said to her ‘if I direct one movie for you and you don’t blow do not talk to me ever again in your life’.
She still didn’t believe me but she finally decided to give it a try.
I told her to send me any script where she’ll play a lead character and leave the rest to me.
She sent me the script for ‘Princess Olivia’.
I started by rewriting the script to suit what I wanted to achieve.

When we came on set I said to her ‘Just listen to everything I tell you to do as your director, learn them and do them, cos as a director I hold nothing back, I will teach you all my acting tricks I learnt since my whole career and if you learn well it will stick with you forever’.

She listened and we made magic.
The movie ‘Princess Olivia’ came out and she became an instant star and the things I thought her stuck in her head.

Today I watch her recent films and I see her doing the things I taught her and delivering great performances, I laugh.
It makes me proud.
I’m happy I made an impact in her career.
So today I decided to blow my trumpet by telling this story.
As a director God gave me the talent to transform anyone into a star.

And in this life, if you don’t blow your trumpet most times nobody will.
So I go blow my own well.
Have a great weekend guys.

Someone commented and said .

” Na so you tell us something about Judy in 2016, 2022 she became your wife.
We are watching your excellency “

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