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Davido and chioma are officially married and they did a low key traditional wedding on the 6th of this month

Following the death of their kid, Ifeanyi, Davido purportedly married his long-time fiancée, Chioma.

The wedding took place in secrecy on November 6th at Davido’s father’s residence.

This was done because Chioma thought that nothing could bond her relationship with her fiance, Davido, following the loss of their 3-year-old baby, Ifeanyi. To placate Chioma, her bride price was paid in full, and the wedding was kept ‘low-key.’

The traditional wedding which have few family and friends in attendance with no camera allowed was done in Davido’s father’s House and Chioma bride price was paid in full.

This is coming after Chioma told Davido that there is nothing left for her to be looking at as the son that binds them together is no more, the wedding which was supposed to come up next year was fast forwarded to November 6 just to console Chioma and assure her that with or without a son , her place is assured.

Their registry is coming up sometimes next week, the Traditional marriage was held November 6.

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