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Bandits sought N10 million in ransom for the release of the dead body of late Obadiah Ibrahim, a victim kidnapped in Kaduna State a few weeks ago.

Bandits demanded N10 million ransom for the releasing of the dead body of late Obadiah Ibrahim, a victim kidnapped some weeks ago in Kaduna State.

In an interview over the weekend, the deceased brother, Kefas Obadiah, stated that the robbers had already received almost N3 million in ransom but refused to release the victim who was kidnapped in October 2022.

“My brother’s name is Obadiah Ibrahim, and he was kidnapped in Sabon Gaya in early October first week on his way back from Abuja to Kaduna.” “He told the story.

“Despite the fact that I wasn’t the one speaking with the bandits. There was a negotiator present. Initially, the bandits sought N200 million, but later settled for N3 million and more.

“They instructed us to bring the money. After we paid the ransom, they informed us that the money was for their food, which had run out, and that we had go fetch N15 million.

“They eventually came down to N5 million and three motorcycles, and they subsequently retrieved one bike.” We never heard from them again after we picked up the bike. We attempted to speak with them but were unsuccessful.

“Then, when the negotiator called them on Thursday, they said our brother is dead.” We assumed they were joking.

“They said that their own guys were arrested, bound to a tree, and killled.” As a result of what the cops did to their brother, they also unleashed their rage on our brother.

“According to them, Ibrahim had died on Monday and they informed us on Thursday. We asked for his corpse and they said we should pay them N10m if we want his corpse as they’ll not work for us free of charge”

“The bandits also said that if we bring the money they’ll release the corpse in three days,”

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