Ahmadu Bello University – ABU Courses & Their Admission Requirements

This is to help all aspiring students of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) with the courses offered at the university as well as their admission requirements.

About The University

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is a federal government research university located in Zaria, Kaduna State. ABU was founded on October 4, 1962, as the University of Northern Nigeria. The university operates three main campuses: Samaru and Kongo in Zaria, and School of Basic Studies in Funtua.


Below is the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria 2023/2024 Admission Requirements. Applicants are to read carefully before they put in an application.

Before applying applicants must meet up with the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Admission Requirements that listed below:-



A1 10
A2 (B2) 9
A3 (B3) 8
C4 7
C5 6
C6 5

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#1   Economics

Two (2) ‘A’ level passes in Economics and any one (1) of Mathematics, Statistics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Accounting, Business Management, History and Government.

#2   Mass Communication

ABU accepts

  • Two (2) ‘A’ level passes in Arts or Social Science subjects one (1) of which must be Government, Sociology, Economics or Commerce.
  • Credit/merit in ABU Diploma in Mass Communication or Journalism. Equivalent Diploma in Mass Communication from a recognized University is also acceptable.

#3   Political Science

ABU accepts three (3) ‘A’ level/IJMB passes from any of the following subjects: Government, History, Sociology, Economics, Geography.

#4   Sociology

ABU accepts two (2) ‘A’ level/IJMB passes which must include Sociology or Government/ History and any other subject.

#5   Computer Science

  • Two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in science subjects including Mathematics
  • NCE merit in Mathematics and one (1) other Science or Social Science subject.

#6   Microbiology

Two (2) ‘A’ level passes in Chemistry and any one (1) from Biology, Zoology or Botany.

#7   Mathematics

  • ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in Mathematics and any two (2) of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography and Geology.
  • NCE Mathematics and any of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography Geology and Computer Science.

#8   Textile science and Technology

ABU accepts ‘A’ level passes in Chemistry and mathematics or Physics.

#9   Statistics

ABU accepts

  • ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in Mathematics and any two (2) of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography and Geology.
  • NCE Mathematics/ Statistics with any of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography and Geology.

#10   Geology

Two (2) ‘A’ level passes from Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Geography.

#11   Biochemistry

  • Two (2) ‘A’ level passes chosen from Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Biology.
  • NCE/ND/HND in related programmes plus the UTME requirements.

#12   Veterinary Medicine

ABU accepts

  • Three (3) ‘A’ level passes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.
  • HND lower credit in Animal Science.

#13   Pharmacy

Three (3) ‘A’ level passes in Chemistry, Biology/Zoology and Physics or Mathematics plus UTME requirements.

#14   Nursing/Nursing Science

ABU accepts

  • ‘A’ Level/IJMB passes in three (3) subjects from Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Zoology.
  • Registered Nurse (RN) certificate with at least five (5) ’0’ level credits passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

#15   Civil Law

ABU accepts two (2) ‘A’ Level/IJMB Passes in Literature in English and other two (2) Arts or Social Science subjects.

#16   Fine Art

ABU accepts

  • ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in Fine Arts and one other subject.
  • NCE merit in Fine Arts.

#17   Industrial Design

ABU accepts

  • NCE Double Major in Art and ND/HND credit in relevant programmes.
  • ‘A’ level/ IJMB passes in Chemistry, and any of Physics and Mathematics
  • ND credit in Glass Technology from any accredited institution
  • NCE credit in Chemistry.
  • HND credit in Science, Materials Science and Engineering, or in Chemical Engineering from any accredited institution.

#18   Urban and Regional Planning

ABU requires

  • ‘A’ level /IJMB passes in Geography and one of Economics/Mathematics.
  • ND upper credit in Urban and Regional Planning or related Environmental Sciences from accredited institutions.

#19   Architecture

ABU accepts two (2) ‘A’ level/IJMB passes which must include Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Geography or Fine Arts.

#20   Metallurgical Engineering

ABU accepts ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

#21   Mechanical Engineering

ABU accepts

  • Two (2) ‘A’ level/IJMB passes from Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • ND upper credit, NCE credit and HND lower credit in Mechanical Engineering.

#22   Electrical Engineering

ABU accepts

  • ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in Mathematics and Physics.
  • ND/HND upper/lower credit in Electrical Engineering with distinction in Mathematics respectively.

#23   Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

ABU accepts ND upper credit or HND lower credit in Water Resources or Civil Engineering from accredited institutions

#24   Civil Engineering

ABU accepts

  • ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in Physics and Mathematics.
  • ND/HND upper credit.
  • HND lower credit in Civil Engineering from accredited institutions.

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