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It’s no secret that Whitemoney is one of the BBNaija season 6 housemates; the reality television series gets more exciting each season as fresh faces appear on the screens of their ardent viewers.

Whitemoney, also known as Hazel Oyeze Onou, is a 29-year-old native of Enugu state.

Because of his never-ending hustler mentality, the reality television personality describes himself as an entire Igbo guy. Businessman and jeweler Whitemoney.

Hazel Oyeze Onou has always thrived on hustle and bustle, and when he’s not doing that, he enjoys relaxing by watching movies.

Whitemoney said he despises backbiters and hypocrites in an interview with Big Brother.

Early life and education of Whitemoney

Early Years

The eastern region of Nigeria, more especially the state of Enugu, is where Whitemoney, 29, was born and raised. BBNaija Whitmoney was born on July 6, 1992, and was reared by his mother, a food vendor at the time.

BB After that, Naija Whitemoney relocated to Lagos and began hustling there. Whitemoney has experienced its fair share of unfairness throughout life. The 29-year-old businessman, who had been living under bridges, came to Lagos in search of brighter pastures. BB In Lagos, Naija Whitemoney operated as an okada rider. Because of his hustle, the typical citizen in Ojuelgba, Lagos State, is aware of white money.

I’ve worked in photography, fixed tiger generators, and fixed telecommunications masts, all because of the commotion, in the words of whitemoney. He also entered the barber business and sold hair products due to his entrepreneurial attitude.


Whitemoney’s schooling hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention.

How Whitemoney Began His Career

Judith Oyeze Onou has established himself as a successful entrepreneur. From being a “okada” man, he transitioned to becoming an importer, exporter, shoe designer, and shoe manufacturer.

Whitemoney made a living as a barber before he rose to fame as a television personality. He also occasionally worked on telecommunication masts.

The finest accomplishment of BBNaija Whitemoney is the creation of his current business, a line of designer shoes. The 29-year-old hopes that his business career would soar to success as a result of the Big Brother program.

In an effort to figure out who he is and make ends meet, Whitemoney has dabbled in a number of trades. After working as a barber, jewelry seller, motorcycle rider, photographer, and comedian, among other things, he has now established himself as a full-time designer shoe brand owner.

Whitemoney’s Breakthrough in Career

Whitemoney had the breakthrough he’s been looking for in his career when the go selected as one of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ BBNaija season 6 housemate. Since this incident, Whitemoney has gained a lot of followers on social media, particularly on his Instagram and Twitter accounts (@itswhitemoney and @whitemoney). Know that the MONEYGANG are ardent supporters of white money when you hear their music.

The TV personality is characterized as a vibrant, fun-loving person with an open mind. BB The way Naija Whitemoney sees himself, a guy can be strategic while still being approachable.

In the Big Brother house, he won’t struggle for food, space, or to start fights, says Hazel Oyeze Onou; instead, he’ll be the peace preacher.

The Great Whitemoney Moment

One of the many important events in Whitemoney’s life was when he entered the BBNaija season 6 house.


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